Final Fantasy XIV Has Been Played a Total of 96,809,761,442 Hours on PS4/PS3/PC: Full Census Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV Has Been Played a Total of 96,809,761,442 Hours on PS4/PS3/PC: Full Census Revealed

During the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2nd Anniversary livestream Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and Community Manager Toshio Murouchi revealed the full census for the game, shedding life on the habits and choices of the playerbase of the successful Final Fantasy MMORPG.

We learn that the game has been played a total of  96,809,761,442 hours since the release of A Realm Reborn, which translates to a little less than eleven million years. Interestingly, this number has increased by 118 times since last year, giving a good idea of how active the player base is.

Japanese gamers like playing male and female characters pretty much in equal percentages, while male characters are much more popular in North America, and females have the upper hand in Europe.

Hyur remains the most played race in Japan and North America, while Europe leans towards Miqo’te. Interestingly, the percentage of Au Ra is still rather low, especially considering that (at least on Balmung) you see a gazillion Au Ra whatever direction you turn towards. This isn’t too surprising, though, if you consider that this poll includes every character ever created, including those in the nearly two years before Au Ra were even a thing.

The average level is in the high twenties, and it increased since last year. Most players like playing DPS jobs, while tanks and healers are pretty much even. The most popular jobs are White Mage and Black Mage, followed by Paladin, Bard and Dragoon.

Limsa Lominsa is the favorite destination for Aetherite travel, but it gets absolutely crushed by Ul’dah if you consider the preferred city where to set your home point.

The Twin Adders are the most popular Grand Company, followed closely by the Immortal Flames, with the Maelstrom trailing behind.

If you’re wondering how much gil there is across all servers, it’s 3,509,727,924,708. That’s enough for 1.7 billion makeovers at 2,000 gil each.

The “Emperor’s new gloves” (the name is a pun inspired by “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen, since the item is invisible) is the most popular glamour item, meaning that people really like to show their naked hands. The hempen camise comes second. Looks like ladies really like wearing simple tank tops. That said, on highlander females it actually looks like something made of strings, and that might contribute further to the item’s popularity.

It’s actually interesting to see that the Thavanairian Bustier is actually pretty popular, ranking 11th, considering that it costs something like a gazillion gil.

We also learn that while players are finding a  good degree of success in completing the Alexander raid, the Savage version is proving more challenging. No one yet managed to even enter the fourth floor.

A whopping 68,000 couples got married in game, thanks to the ceremony of eternal bonding. There’s one lady (or man) putting the shackles on a dude (or girl) every four minutes in the game.

People also really like to talk about Naoki Yoshida, who has been named in chat 236,000 times since June 19th.

Below you can find all the slides, with the fully detailed data: