Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part II LiveBlog

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part II LiveBlog

The time for the second Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE has come, and  Naoki Yoshida is going on camera to respond to our questions about patch 1.19 , patch 1.20 and the future of the game from 1.21 and beyond.

We still don’t know what he will unveil, but you can ask your own questions by sending them on twitter @FF_XIV_EN using the hashtag #XIVLive.

On this liveblog you’ll be able to read both the official translation by the Final Fantasy XIV community team and my comments as a veteran Final Fantasy XIV player that has enjoyed the happy moments and endured the hardships of the game since the first phase of the closed beta.

Joining me for the commentary we’ll have two other veteran players from the Mysidia server, that gained many a level behind my shield (and the other way around): Tempest Reve and Setsuna Dragneel.

I might also try to use my limited Japanese skills to pick up some of what the official translation misses, but no promises there. Yoshida-san talks way too fast. Worse comes to worst, at the very least you’ll have both the translation and the video on the same screen (instead of having to go back and forth between twitter and youtube) and some additional comedic relief by yours truly and his pals.

Now that I’m done with the boring introduction, you can head  past the cut and enjoy both the video feed and the liveblog. 

Edit: The event has now ended, but you can still read all the questions and answers (and our banter) in the liveblog past the cut. I hope you enjoyed reading as we enjoyed writing.