Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live XII: All the Info and Relevant Screencaps

Today Square Enix broadcasted the 12th Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live, starring Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and Assistant Director Hiroshi Takai as they responded a large batch of questions from the fans, relayed by Community Manager Toshio Murouchi. They also showcased a large batch of new content incoming with the next couple patches.

Below you can find a summary of the new information, and a gallery of screencaps showing all the relevant content included in the broadcast.

According to Yoshida-san, the number of tanks (that at the moment are in short supply) is increasing, but if they’ll remain too rare a special mount will be introduced in order to encourage players to roll more tanks.

In patch 2.2 the maximum item level will increase and there will be a lot of new pieces of equipment incoming.

The development team is currently looking at the situation of housing prices, even if by February many of free companies should be able to purchase a house. Small houses will be expanded with a large basement (that you can see in the picture). The actual size will be twice as large as the current size an will be good for small free companies.

The development team is hearing about new players being kicked immediately in dungeons due to the vote to kick feature; They’re exploring ways to solve it, including limiting how many times you’re allowed to vote to kick.

Further adjustments are expected to daily quests, but the team doesn’t want it to become something people feel forced to do every day.

Patch 2.16 will come before patch 2.2 on February 22nd, and will include the content listed in the screens below:

Patch 2.2 will be titled “Through the Maelstrom” and will come in March. It will be packed with the Leviathan fight both in hard and extreme modes. The item level required to fight the new primal will be announced in the next broadcast. Leviathan extreme mode will drop a powerful weapon, so the battle will be difficult.

The hard mode is required to progress the story, so players should be able to beat it after three tries. Unfortunately a Leviathan Egi won’t be added to the game for summoners just yet, as it would require the addition of a new action for every class and a level cap raise. With the first expansion the level cap will be increased, so we can look forward to it yet.

Leviathan will be fought on a giant square ship that will tilt during the battle. Apparently you can also fish on it. Yoshida-san joked on the fact that eight players can fish up leviathan: “what is this, Monster Hunter?”

Another dungeon called Amdapor Township will also be added, and it’ll come with its own rich lore. It’ll be a bit harder than what people experienced in patch 2.1, but Siren in the Pharos Sirios dungeon was found to be too hard by the development team, so that will be adjusted.

New gear will come as reward, like the “Chocobo Rider” outfit. A Leviathan barding will also come for chocobos, and a new hairstyle was also shown.

The second part of the Binding Coil of Bahamut will also be implemented, with four new turns. There won’t be any “filler” turn like the current third one, so all four new turns will be full fledged encounters. To enter the new part you’ll need to have beaten turn five, but there will be a system in place that will make older turns easier to beat. Progress will be saved like in turn 1-5.

The team is also considering to remove the weekly clear limit from turn 1-5. The first five turns will also be added to the Duty Finder.

Further content was also announced for patch 2.2. You can see a list in the screencaps below.

The vanity system has been renamed to “Glamours”(Mirage Prism in Japanese. Yoshida-san joked on the fact that it sounds like something an anime magical girl would shout when transforming). A “battle on a bridge” was also teased, possibly hinting at the classic battle against Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy V.

After the break, while Takai-san talked a bit about his job, a few videos of the new content were shown (you can see the a few screenshots in the gallery at the bottom of the post; the dynamic stages for the new Binding Coil of Bahamut turns looked absolutely fantastic).

An update about the PS4 version was also provided, and you can find all the details here, as it deserved its own dedicated news post. Now we finally know that it’ll be released on April 14th.

An event like today’s in Osaka has also been announced for March in Sapporo, capital of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Finally the “Valentione’s Day” Valentine event has been teased. It’ll run between February 4th and February 17th. An official strategy guide and a Blu-Ray music disc with the full soundtrack of the game will also be released in Japan.

As usual you can find the official translation of the questions and answers (courtesy of the game’s community team) here, to integrate the information posted above. You can also enjoy the gallery with the relevant screencaps from the broadcast below.

Update: added a video of Leviathan, courtesy of YouTube user Shinra Co. As far as I can remember the music has been replaced, but now you can see the mighty sea primal in motion.

Update 2: added a full recording of the broadcast, courtesy of YouTube user K Satoh.

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