Final Fantasy XIV: Letter from the Producer Live XV Recap: Free Weekend Coming and More

Final Fantasy XIV: Letter from the Producer Live XV Recap: Free Weekend Coming and More

Square Enix broadcasted the 15th Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live directly from E3, with Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida responding to questions from the fans about upcoming content for patch 2.3.

Today’s livestream focused on the Frontier PvP feature, private rooms, the new levels of the Crystal Tower and chocobo raising.

Here’s a recap of his answers:

  • Frontline has been designed to ease people into PvP, so it’ll be easy to approach even if you never played the Wolves’ Den.
  • While it’s not final, Frontline should involve 24 vs 24 vs 24 players.
  • Battles will last 30 minutes.
  • You can change your job whenever you like as long as you’re within an outpost.
  • Rewards will be the same as Wolves’ Den.
  • Frontline will also have monsters, not just players.
  • The chocobo raising system and the buddy chocobo system will work together as one. The chocobo you raise is your buddy chocobo.
  • Personal rooms will be no different whatever the size of your free company house is.
  • The items placed in personal rooms won’t count towards the total of the house. The final number hasn’t been decided yet.
  • The only kind of furniture you won’t be able to use in the personal room is what is designed for the courtyard.
  • Private rooms will be slightly bigger than the first floor of a small house.
  • Cost of private rooms is still TBD, but should be around 300,000 gil.
  • You’ll be able to craft in your personal room.
  • The new levels of the Crystal Tower will be pretty much as difficult as the old ones, designed to be enjoyable.
  • There will be a loot restriction once a week in the new levels.
  • The new levels will drop only armor.
  • Gilgamesh won’t come back in the Hildribrand quest.
  • Yugiri’s face won’t be revealed in patch 2.3.
  • Yugiri’s fighting style is the same as rogue and ninja.
  • An artbook/lore book is being planned.
  • Changes to how attribute points are allocate are being discussed.
  • New grand company ranks are being planned for future updates.
  • You’ll be able to train chocobos by installing a stable in your company garden.
  • Chocobo raising will include a limit break that will allow you to get past level 10 and acquire all the chocobo skills.
  • Chocobo raising will be accessible only to those that have a free company house. After a while a feature will be added, allowing to access part of it from the chocobo porters.
  • You can raise only a single chocobo (your buddy chocobo), In the future when Gold Saucer and Chocobo Racing (he actually said only part of the names to tease, but what he meant was obvious) will be added, you’ll be able to raise more chocobos.
  • In 2.35 you’ll be able to change the color of your buddy chocobo feathers to any of the dyes available in the game.
  • The Ixal beast tribe daily quests will be added in 2.35.
  • Patch 2.3 will come on July 8th.
  • A free login weekend will follow on July 12th.
  • the “Eorzea Collection” catalogue will be released, including all the pieces of equipment and furniture.

Below you can see a gallery with all the relevant screenshots and artwork showcased during the livestream.