Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter: All the Info and Screencaps, PS4 Version and Remote Play Included

Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter: All the Info and Screencaps, PS4 Version and Remote Play Included

Today a new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live was broadcasted by Square Enix, starring Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida and Community Manager Toshio Murouchi respectively answering to and relaying the questions from the fans.

First of all Yoshida-san apologized because it’ll take a 24 hour long maintenance to implement ptch 2.1, as it’s a very big patch (3 GB were mentioned), even if they’ll do their best to get it out as quickly as possible.

Secondly, Yoshida responded about the content of the beastmen daily quests. While the beastmen were portrayed as bad guys so far, they have their own lifestyle and can have an alliance with the adventurers and players can help them with their problems. By doing so they can earn the ability to purchase items, materials and even mounts. There’s a large story surrounding this and by doing the quests players will be able to learn more about the tempered ones.

The areas where you can get the daily quest is different from the main base of the beastmen, and you can do six per day. Rewards and difficulty  for each of the three quest giving NPCs for each tribe. Quets will also give experience, gil and tomestones (you’ll get tomestones only if you’re 50). Tomestone rewards are random.

Increasing the level of friendship with each tribe you can buy special dyes, materials and furniture items. Quick quests will require about 7 minutes, longer ones will take 15. Completing all six quests in a day may take about an hour.

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You can start doing daily quests at level 42 and in 2.1 there will be amalj’aa and sylphs, while kobolds and shahagin will be implemented in 2.2. With following patches every tribe will be covered. You can talk with all beastmen regadless of your grand company of choice.

There’s also a main beastmen questline in addition to the dailies, and that one will be full fledged with many cutscenes.

Treasure Hunting will prompt gatherers and fishermen to find maps, and maps will have a rank between 1 and 5. They’ll need to be deciphered and once deciphered they won’t be sellable anymore.

After that you’ll just have to go find the spot marked by the X and use the “dig” command and mobs will pop. If you win, you’ll get the rewards. Grade 5 maps require a group of adventurers in order to defeats the guards. In the future there may be other ways to get maps, but for now it’s only gathering.

There’s a cooldown of 18 hours between finding maps for each gatherer class, to avoid inflation of the value of the maps, but the rewards are worth it. This is regardless of the rank of map you get.

If you lose to the mobs guarding the treasure chest you’ll be able to fight them again for a certain time, but if you zone out the mobs will disappear and you’ll lose the map. You can also run away and retry.

Inventory sort will also be added with 2.1, and has a lot of different options and commands.

The Wolves’ Den PvP arena will probably require PvP specific gear to fight in the top tier. It may possible to make it at lower level.

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Positional attacks will still be the same in PvP, but it’ll be more difficult because people are moving around, so stunning them may be adavantageous. The battle system is radically different in PvP than in PvE, so for instance archer will see decreased damage at longer range, to balance ranged DPS and melee DPS.  There will also be an action to remove negative statuses like heavy or sleep, but it has a long cooldown.

Winning conditions are simple. In 4 vs 4 battles, if one team gets defeated they lose. The artwork shown in the past for PvP gear is actually for Frontline content. In the Wolf’s den you can get gear between item level 70 and 90. All of it can be dyed and can have materia melded in.

You get points both if you win and if you lose, and gaining points will increase your PvP rank. Those points can be traded for PvP actions, that also have ranks that lowers the cooldown.

When the vanity system will be implemented, it’ll be deactivated for PvP, so everyone will see what you’re actually wearing.

In PvP magical defense and physical defense are calculated differently than in PvE. There’s a “Morale” stat that increases defense, so having items with that stat will make you stronger only in PvP. Limit breaks are available, but only limited to four player parties, as usual.

While it’s not yet implemented in 2.1, an option to watch the match from another player’s camera is being worked on.

chrome 2013-12-14 13-59-55-06

In PvP the combat log will show actual names, but they will be hidden on top of the players, as some that try PvP for the first time may be uncomfortable by being killed by someone with a name (yeah, he really said this).

The menu includes a PvP profile, that includes PvP records for your character.

PvP is split between matched for premade parties, and random. Matched PvP will grant more point. Different plans about modes like capture the flag are being devised by the team.

The item level of Allagan gear will change to 95 and the parameter will increase a little to match the level. Which stats are raised won’t change for most items, even if some have been retouched because they were identical to tome of mythology gear.

The barber will be implemented as well, and will have the same menu as the character creation.

By defeating the extreme mode primals you’ll get a quest item for each. By collecting all three items you’ll be able to get an iLvl90 weapon, but there also are other drops.

Crystal Tower will have one chest per party after defeating each boss. There are four bossses, so a total of twelve chests. The cooldown is the same as the Binding Coil of Bahamuth, once a week, but this is for receiving items, not for entering, so you can go in and help other people even if you’re on cooldown.

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The party recruiting menu shows the time left, title, details and what roles are being looked for. It also shows what classes you already have and has an option  to send a tell or just to join immediately. There are specific options like “we’re not going to skip cutscenes” or languages. The time limit for each ad is one hour.

There will actually be different pricing for different servers for housing. For legacy worlds the land will cost a lot more since legacy players are a lot richer than new players. The price will drop over time , and land is divided in five tiers. The cheapest land (small, 5th tier) will be 4 million gil. Legacy servers will have higher costs defined in the patch notes (oh gooness… I have about 300,000 gil… Now I feel most definitely poor).

The price is calculated according to gil distribution and market prices, but since there will be a lot more ways to earn gil, so it’ll take about a month or two to get a house for single players, but after all housing is intended for free companies at the beginning, not for single players. Personal housing is being planned for future patches, so players can plan ahead on how to get the gil.

At this point the PS4 version was shown (you can see screenshots relative to it in the second gallery), starting with Titan extreme version.  I honestly could not see differences with the PC version from the stream. It looked fantastic.

chrome 2013-12-14 14-50-32-48

The PS4 version will be released in April, beta will start with the PS4 release on February the 22nd. It’s gonna be shorter than for the PC release. players will be able to use their PC and PS3 characters in the beta since phase 2.

The PS4 version will be 1080p and the touch pad of the DualShock 4 will work as a mouse. Clicking on it will work as a mouse click.

The full UI from the PC version and the cross hotbar UI from the PS3 version will be selectable.

PlayStation plus also won’t be required to play thanks to a deal with Sony.

A collector’s edition for the PS4 version is being planned, but existing players shouldn’t worry about bonuses from the PS4 version of the CE. Yoshida-san would like to do a PS4 bundle (game plus PS4 console) but it depends on Sony too.

The PS Vita version was also shown in remote play, according to Yoshida-san it’s about 2-3 frames behind, but it’s hard to tell. The back touch pad will be used to replace the L2/R2 buttons, for instance to draw the weapon.

chrome 2013-12-14 15-07-09-19

There are no plans for the moment to use the Vita as a second screen (for instance to show the map) but it’s possible in the future with player feedback.

After that an event in Osaka happening in January was covered, and some new merchandise that will debut at the event was also shown. The Letter from the Producer Live XII will be broadcasted from there, and it’ll be about patch 2.2. Leviathan will also be shown.

The Starlight Celebration Christmas event will start on December the 8th, and then there will be Heavensturn celebrating the year of the Horse for New Year. People will be able to throw snow balls during the Starlight Celebration.

In January there will be the anniversary event with the crossover with Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XI.

You can find the official translations of the questions and answers here in order to integrate mine. Below you can enjoy two galleries with all the relevant screencaps and artwork shown. The second gallery includes screencaps from the PS4 version and PS Vita remote play. You can also read the full patch notes for patch 2.1 here.


And here’s the gallery with PS4/PS Vita gameplay.