Final Fantasy XIV Major Update “Defenders of Eorzea” Announced – First Screenshots of Ramuh and More

Final Fantasy XIV Major Update “Defenders of Eorzea” Announced – First Screenshots of Ramuh and More

During the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live livestream that is being broadcasted as I write Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida introduced the next major content update 2.3, annuncing its official title and logo “Defenders of Eorzea.

With that we get the first glimpse as its main content, the primal battle against Ramuh, the instanced dungeon Hullbreaker Isle (which will pitch us against the nasty Kraken), and the two hard-mode dungeons Tam-Tara Deepcroft and Stone Vigil. Below you can see the first screenshots, including the very first look at the fearsome Ramuh.


Below you can see a list of the main additions coming with Defenders of Eorzea. And yes, chocobo raising and private rooms will be in.


In addition to we also got the run-down the run-down of upcoming patch 2.28, that will come before Defenders of Eorzea. It will include, between other things, the ability to preview equipment.


The ability to purchase Fantasia Potions with real money to fully change one’s appearance was also detailed. Initially we’ll be able to purchase them in account-wide batches of one, three or five, then the ability to purchase specific quantities will be added down the line.


Below you can also see a gallery with a large batch of concept artwork and screenshots for the upcoming section of the Crystal Tower, a new set of armor, dyed artifact armor, new eyewear, a new mount that can carry a passenger (including a wedding version), new poses and the absolutely fantastic concept for the wedding tux and dress. I guess I need to find a lady willing to marry me in game now. Any takers?

separatorFinally, we get the run down of the upcoming events: the release of the seventh tier of several reward, a DLC for Teathrhytm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, and two Letter from the Producer Live at E3 and in Senday in June and July.