Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire Event Brings More Swimsuits to the Game’s Hot Summer

Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire Event Brings More Swimsuits to the Game’s Hot Summer

It wouldn't be summer in Final Fantasy XIV without the Moonfire Faire, and it's coming on August 13th with new beach wear.

You can often see the history of an MMORPG by its seasonal events, especially when we’re talking about games with developers who are very keen on preserving tradition.

The Moonfire Faire in Final Fantasy XIV is one of such events. It has gone on regularly every year since the first, massively unsuccessful, incarnation of the game, and missed only the period of transition to A Realm Reborn, which turned a debacle into a miracle.


It shouldn’t surprise that many take the event as an occasion to reminisce on the past years of adventure and shenanigans.

This year the Moonfire Faire is returning on August 13th, and it’ll continue until August 26th. The event is starting in Limsa Lominsa, in the usual plaza on the upper decks, and will grant you a summer outfit including a swimsuit, sunglasses, and sandals, a “splash” emote, a mosquito killing moogle, and a curry plate to decorate your house. You can see what they look like below.

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Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC, and you can grab a copy on Amazon.


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