Final Fantasy XIV “Moonfire Faire” Returns Bringing Summery Outfits and More

Final Fantasy XIV “Moonfire Faire” Returns Bringing Summery Outfits and More

Summer has come to Final Fantasy XIV, with a the return of the Moonfire Faire event.

We’re right in the middle of a really hot summer, and MMORPGs are scrambling to provide events to celebrate the season. Final Fantasy XIV just jumped on that bandwagon, by bringing the traditional Moonfire Faire event.

When I talk about tradition, I mean you, as the Moonfire Faire has been around since the first incarnation of the game several years ago.

To participate, you’ll need to go to Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks starting on August 8th, and more precisely to the plaza in front of the Maelstrom’s headquarters.

Talking with a lalafell named Mayaru Moyaru will trigger the quest that will let you earn several prizes.

The first is a summery outfit, the Faire set, which is basically a rehashed Shisui set, buy enabled for dying, allowing you to pick whatever color you like. You can catch a glimpse of it below.

On top of that, we’ll get an “Evercold Shaved Ice” furniture item that distributes shaved ice snacks, a Moonfire Faire painting and an orchestrion roll with the glorious Hyper Rainbow Z music from last year’s event.

The festivities end on August 27th, so you have plenty of time to grab all the goodies.


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