Final Fantasy XIV: New House Models, Seasonal Outfits, Deep Dungeon Screenshots and More Revealed

on October 15, 2016 8:47 PM

Today Square Enix hosted a Letter from the Producer Live broadcast from Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in Las Vegas, with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida providing more information and showing some interesting details for patch 3.45 and beyond.

  • The team is looking into making players’ job choice have some sort of effect in the story.
  • The team is working on letting players bring three squadron members into dungeons, but not all dungeons will be doable like this. Some more interaction with squadron members might also be added in fuure patches.
  • New Paissa house exterior models were showcased.
  • If everything goes well, the Egi glamour system is going to be ready for patch 3.5. It’ll start with Carbuncle’s colors, and then will extend to the other Egi. In following patches there could be more like Ramuth and Sepiroth.
  • The team will look into decreasing the cooldown for the dueling circle.
  • Alexander Creator Savage gear isn’t dyeable because the team focused its resources on actually making different models. That said, they’ll see what they can do about making it dyeable, even if the team is proud of its work on the set.
  • Outfits and a new flying chair mount for the All Saints’ Eve and Starlight Celebration seasonal events were showcased.
  • It’s hard to explain whether the next raid will be as difficult or more than the latets tier of Alexander, due to the new level cap, the new actions and many battle system changes. Players will be in a different place, so future raids will be hard to compare to the current ones. The level of difficulty might end up being similar, but they’re thinking to add something extra for people that want more challenge. That said, they want to do something that is fun for everyone.
  • Yoshida-san understand why people would want more control on the wondrous tales (using second chance points to move the stickers), but if they granted that, the prizes wouldn’t be as great because everyone would be able to get them easily.
  • The team could probably implement a way to make it appear that you can look outside from your apartment. They’re going to think about it. Yet, it’s probably impossible to have actual balconies or windows and actually look outside. That’s because all the rooms are in a different area than the outside.
  • Airship workshops won’t be added to apartments or private housing. They’re specifically created for free companies. Free company crafting content will be updated further. Giving it to single players would defeat the purpose of granting it to free companies.
  • From patch 3.5 on, the team decided to change things up for dungeons and instances so that they will surprise players. For instance 3.5’s alliance raid will start on an airship. Mr. Ozma is creating the final boss.
  • The team wants to look into fixing the fact that you can’t rewatch cutscenes with different dialogue options, but it might take time, and it could be difficult. Yoshida-san will ask the QA team if it’s possible to allow players to completely replay the story, but no promises have been made.
  • Currently the team is working on making the bunny suit available for males. They already finished working on the ass.
  • With patch 3.45 the Palace of the Dead will go down to level 200. There will also be new weapons. A ranking based on different factor will be implemented. Some screenshots of the new floors were showcased, and they’re really challenging. New bosses will appear as well. One of the bosses has been hinted to be Nybeth from Tactics Ogre.

A few new pieces of merchandise will be made available tomorrow and in the coming weeks. You can check them out in the gallery below.

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