Final Fantasy XIV's 5.1 Update: A NieR-Inspired Raid and Much More

Patch 5.1 promises to bring big and exciting changes to the world of FFXIV.

The next chapter of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers arrives on October 29. Among other things, it will feature a new Gold Saucer Gate, a New Game+ mode, new Main Scenario Quests, and perhaps most importantly–a new Alliance Raid that borrows from the world of NieR: Automata. Check out the trailer for the new patch–“Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty”–below.

After teasing the NieR-based content, the trailer turns to a focus on the game’s new dungeon–“The Grand Cosmos”. It features a great, powerful palace created by the elves. It has lain dormant for ages, but a group of mages has recently claimed it as their own. They guard it with a legion of familiars, so must not be keen to accept new visitors.

It’s very cool stuff, but the trailer quickly transitions into 5.1’s biggest hook–the game’s new 24-player Alliance Raid. The new raid represents one of the greatest crossovers in video game history, as it brings the world and characters of NieR to FFXIV. “YoRHA: The Dark Apocalypse” features a bunch of machine lifeforms to fight, and a bunch of NieR-inspired gear and mounts to earn. You’ll also meet a suspiciously familiar character there–a blindfolded android clad all in white. She calls herself “2P.” Yosuke Saito and Yoko Taro receive credit as “guest creators.”

There are a number of additional updates that this trailer does not feature. For instance, patch 5.1 sets in motion a “Crafting and Gathering Overhaul” which promises to improve the quality of life for beginners and veterans alike. Expect UI changes, a new “quick gathering option,” and improvements to the “quick synthesis” and “desynthesis” abilities.

5.1 also introduces a new Gold Saucer Gate. It features Yojimbo, and he’ll administer a new mini-game called “The Slice is Right”. The mini-game promises to “test players’ reflexes…and sheer luck.”

As usual, the new patch will include new Main Scenario Quests, new Beast Tribe Quests, and balance adjustments. The ninja, samurai, and summoner jobs, for instance, will receive “comprehensive adjustments to their playstyles,” but the other jobs will also receive minor balances and tweaks.

The new patch goes live on October 29, and in the meantime, Halloween festivities are currently underway. This year’s seasonal event is called “All Saint’s Wake,” and you can find all of the details here. FFXIV is currently available on PC and PS4.

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