Final Fantasy XIV Now Available on PC

By Jon Ireson

October 1, 2010

MMO-RPG gamers across the world should be rejoicing today as another heavyweight title joins the genre from Square Enix. The long awaited sequel to Final Fantasy XI has arrived for PC. Those with the Collector’s Edition have already been in the game for an early period of around a week while the Standard Edition is becoming available now. One of the game’s major strong points is graphical fidelity, which you will notice in the following trailer. But can this game stand up to the game-play expectations that a franchise like Final Fantasy brings to the table? Only time will tell, for now enjoy charging those Crysta accounts and getting in some intimate time with S.E.’s latest. For those waiting on the PS3 version, sadly you will have to wait until next year to join your PC brethren.

This game is produced by Hiromichi Tanaka of FFI, II, III, and XI fame while Direction is handled by Nobuaki Komoto from FFIX and FFXI. Art Direction has been brought forth by Akihiko Yoshida who did Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII and music is headed by Nobuo Uematsu who has also done work on the Final Fantasy series.

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