Final Fantasy XIV Has Surpassed 10 Million Players Worldwide

Final Fantasy XIV Has Surpassed 10 Million Players Worldwide

Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV passes another player count milestone, and is now sitting on ten million registered users worldwide.

Square Enix announced that their MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, has exceeded 10 million registered players worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PC.

The announcement follows the recent release of the newest expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, which added two new job classes as well as increased the level cap. Furthermore, post expansion patches have added new high-level raids, enhancements to player jobs, and a number of other new features.

The 10 million figure includes all registered accounts since the launch of the game, including players who purchased the game, or those who registered for the free trial.

Additionally, this announcement comes around the newest release of Patch 4.06 titled “Moonfire Faire”, which we recently covered. The patch gives players access to an all new set of costumes and all-new quest, this includes a battle against Ultros and his bad humor. Also, yes, the costumes in this event are bathingsuits.

There is a free trial available for players who wish to play the game up to level 35 and create up to 8 characters with no time restrictions.

DualShockers reviewed Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and thought it was amazing giving it a 9.5/10 and praising it for being the best expansion released for the Final Fantasy XIV and expanding on the cast of characters.

In case you’d like to know more, DualShockers had a chance to sit down with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and ask about the content of Stormblood and the future of the series.