Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Now Truly Open, Registration Site is Finally Up for Everyone

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Now Truly Open, Registration Site is Finally Up for Everyone

Yesterday the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn started for those that tested the game during the closed beta or preordered. Today the beta has just become truly open, as everyone is now allowed to try the game out.

The beta registration site is now finally open. You can register here if you’re in North America or here if you’re in Europe. During registration you’ll be asked to create a Square Enix account if you don’t already have one (if you do you’ll just need to log in) and you’ll be given the option of testing the game on PC, on PS3 or both platforms.

If you’re going to play on PC you can download the installer here, otherwise you’ll have to follow the instructions sent by mail, that will also deliver a 12-digit code that you’ll be able to redeem on the PSN to download the client. You should also consider that the servers are probably going to be hammered at the beginning, so the confirmation mail might take a bit to be delivered.

It’s also possible that during the morning hours Square Enix will close some servers to character creation if they become congested like they did yesterday. That’s normally a temporary solution, and if you’re already adamant on joining a specific server you may want to wait if it’s closed. Following the official twitter account may help in keeping up to date on what servers are unavailable. Once your character is created, though, you’re set.

Checking out the official beta forums can also help if you can stand the vitriolic atmosphere that normally characterizes beta forums. The flame-retardant suit is in the locker on your right.

The open beta will close on Monday at 2 AM Pacific time, and will be followed by early access for those that preordered the game and Legacy members on August the 24th. The game will finally launch on August the 27th.

If your server of choice is closed to character creation, and you didn’t play the original Final Fantasy XIV, or if you simply want to refresh your memories of the story, you may want to ease your wait by checking out the eight episodes of my The Story So Far column.  They will give you a nice overview on what happened during the first game, including all the relevant cutscenes. Since the story of A Realm Reborn is a direct sequel, reading on what happened before will help you enjoy it better.

I leave you with a Saturday morning giggle: what you see below is actually the official example Square Enix selected to illustrate tells in the chat log filter selection menu. Can’t really blame Cloud there…