Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.1 Coming 12/17; Letter From the Producer Live Part X Recap and Relevant Screenscaps (UPDATED)

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.1 Coming 12/17; Letter From the Producer Live Part X Recap and Relevant Screenscaps (UPDATED)

Today Square Enix broadcasted the tenth Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live, with  Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida responding to the question from the fans, relayed as usual by Community Manager Toshio Murouchi.

First of all Yoshida-san mentioned that the execution speed of jumps for the dragoon job will increase, and DPS output will increase as well by 10%. Monks will also get a buff and increased positional bonuses. Basically melee DPS will increase across the board. There’s also a bug affecting the dragoon’s swipe attack, and that will be fixed.

There is one bard ability that is excessively strong, so that’ll be changed, but silence will be kept, so bard players should not worry. Black mages will have more utility besides damage, but the fact that they can cast flare twice in a row is a bug, so that will be addressed.

Some changes are being put in place in encounters like primals and the PvP arena in order to mitigate the problems due to the natural lag created by distance from the server, causing players to having problems walking out of AoE. If these changes go well, they will be extended to other areas.

At this stage, Crystal Tower was showcased with a live demo. Item level necessary for the Crystal Tower should be pretty much the same as Amdapoor Keep. Chests will be separate for each party so every party will get its own. They will contain level 80 items. The Binding Coil of Bahamut has stronger items, but items dropped from the Crystal Tower will be usable with the vanity slot coming in 2.2.

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Patch 2.2 will add more content to the Binding Coil of Bahamut, while 2.3 will add even more to the Crystal Tower. The Crystal tower doesn’t have a one week restriction like the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

in 2.1 it’s still not possible to create a three parties alliance and enter already formed, but the duty finder will take care of it. The development team is looking into making the ability of pre-forming alliances available. There will be three different paths available in the tower, one for each party.

In 2.1 the Crystal Tower will grant the same tomestones that we already have, but some different ones might be added in future patches. The inclusion of Eureka from Final Fantasy III is also in the plans.

Players will finally get the ability to add newer event items to the storage cabinet (thank goodness!), An item sorting feature will also come in 2.1, to help with the many new items.

After the break the logo of patch 2.1 “A Realm Awoken” was shown, together with a lovely background music track derived from the original Crystal Tower music.

The part of the story involving the Garlean empire is on hold for now, but things will involve Beastmen and other elements in the new patch.

Players with the PS3 version shouldn’t worry about seeing mobs and other players in the Crystal tower, because it’s been tested so that everything is visible. After all it’s just 24 players and not 80 like in old school raids.

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Haircuts will cost 2000 gil. There isn’t any restriction for the use of the beauty salon. You can make as much changes as you like, and there is a preview screen, so as long as you don’t press confirm you can keep experimenting. It’ll work like the current character creator, basically.

You’ll be able to change face paint and its color, hair, facial hair and tattoos. Eye color is being considered as there are colored contact lenses in real life after all. Even more hairstyles will be available in every new patch.

Good King Moggle Mog XII that will be implemented in 2.1 is similar in difficulty to Garuda Hard Mode, but a little harder. There will be eight moogles to fight and each one will have his own job. The fight will have both a easy and a hard mode.

Patch 2.2 will bring Leviathan, while Patch 2.3 will bring something else that could be Ramuh or Shiva.

For those that already have a relic weapons dropped by King Moggle Mog (that will be level 80) will be good for the vanity slot, but they’re intended mostly to ease the gear progression curve. Allagan gear will be changed to level 90 and some changes will be made to relic +1 and Allagan weapons too.

A few weapons that will be dropped by Leviathan were showed at this point, together with concepts for furniture items.

The content roulette will have three categories, low level, high level, main quest and guildhest. You’ll get a bonus in tomestones by using this once a day. Dungeon experience has been increased as well, so things should get better on that side as well. Dungeons will become better than FATE for leveling up.

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Selecting high level dungeons will yield more tomestones (since you can’t gain experience), but those that prefer low level still have that option and will still get some. There are bonus for helping others with main story quest dungeons.

The ability to vote kick other players is coming as well, to get someone that falls asleep on the party out of the way.

The party request feature is also coming in 2.1, to provide an alternative to the duty finder and group up with players of the same server instead of being randomly matched.

The MVP feature has been renamed MIP (most Impressive player), so it’s more to reward the most interesting or nice player you meet, not the one that deals the most damage or things like these. You can select one player for it after clearing each dungeon. There’s also a string of achievements for being voted MIP several times (from one to 500). The first one only gives a title, but others give actual rewards.

The MIP feature will only be available when joining the Duty Finder solo, to avoid exploiting. There will also be a harsher penalty for dropping the queue in the duty finder in order to try and get an easier dungeon.

The Content Roulette will include all the dungeons you have unlocked, no matter if you cleared them or not.

While it’s not in 2.1, the team is planning to add Chimera and Hydra to the Duty finder, but the Coil of Bahamut won’t be added. It’ll be better to use the party recruit feature for that.

The new Pharos Sirius dungeon is the big tower near the Aleport with a large crystal stuck inside it. It’s a 4-men dungeon. That’s the plan to all dungeons that will be added outside of the endgame, to allow casual players to do them easily. It’ll drop level 60 gear and you should be able to do it with artifact armor. It will also include a classic Final Fantasy boss, that won’t be revealed today.

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Haukke Manor and Copperbell Mines are going to get hard modes. Some routes will be different, and the bosses and  their mechanics will also be completely changed for the hard mode. Clearing normal mode will be necessary to access them. They’ll feature a story where something happened in the dungeons and the player will be requested to go back and address the problem. They will drop level 60 items.

The Treasure Hunt feature will drop materials for crafting, and dungeons will drop furniture items for housing.

Extreme primal battles will require at least darklight level 70 gear, but to get the quest for them you’ll have to beat hard mode Titan first. They will be really hard and really good damage dealing will be required, but those already doing Bahamut’s Coil should be able to do them. Hard mode Ifrit will have 16 nails to kill.

At this point  a previously unannounced Ultima Weapon hard mode/extreme mode was showcased. Balancing of that is still in progress, but it’ll be a lot harder.

Extreme mode primals will drop level 90 weapons, just below Allagan level. There will also be a story quest involving them, and battles will be available through the Duty Finder.

There will be housing items craftable from materials dropped by hard mode and extreme mode primals. Extreme mode will also drop other items that aren’t weapons. They haven’t been revealed today, but it’ll be something for bragging rights.

A Live Letter will be done in Osaka, and a fan festival is also being planned for next year in October in the US and in Germany.

Patch 2.1 will be released on December the 17th. Below you can check out the relevant screenscaps from the stream. The next Letter from the Producer Live will show beastman daily quests, treasure hunt and more, and will be broadcasted on December the 14th.

You can also find the official translation of the questions and answers aired today here, provided by Square Enix’s community team.

Update: Added the recording of the broadcast, courtesy of YouTube user Technyzee Mazic, with overlaid translations by Reinheart Valentine.