Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Detailed: New Raid, Dungeons and Much More on PS4, PS3 and PC

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Detailed: New Raid, Dungeons and Much More on PS4, PS3 and PC

During the Final Fantasy XIV: a Realm Reborn 2nd anniversary Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and Community Manager Toshio Murouchi detailed the content upcoming with patch  3.1 that will come soon.

The patch will come with a new chapter of the main story quest, a new side quest line named Saint Endalim Scholasticate (set in a school) and Vanu Vanu beast tribe quests. Two new dungeons will come in the form of the Saint Mocianne Arboretum and the Pharos Sirius hard mode.

A new 24 man raid raid will also be added, and as Yoshida-san teased during our Gamescom interview, it will be set in the Void Ark, the airship currently floating in the background in the Sea of Cloud. It will use the same loot system as the World of Darkness. Cait Sith seems to be involved. A new primal battle will also come, but further details about that will be provided at a later time.

The airship voyage system will allow free companies to use their crafted airships to explore uncharted islands and fight powerful monsters. Even those who don’t have a free company will be able to use the feature from Ishgard’s Landing.

A new weapon upgrade system similar to the Relic weapons will be introduced, and the new weapons definitely look spiffy.

The Manderville Gold Saucer will get a new attraction called Lord of Verminion, a new battle minigame between minions with its own matchmaking system. New cards will be added for Triple Triad, with new NPCs to challenge. MGP payouts will be adjusted alongside with chocobo racing.

Private housing will get visitor control, while lighting furniture will become controllable. Players will be able to rename their free companies, and inactive company housing will be reclaimed.

The challenge log will get a new category for the Gold Saucer, new crafting recipes will be added, and floating mounts will be given the ability to fly.

Roleplayers will love to know that items occupying multiple slots will become eligible for glamoring. The “try on” option will let players equip multiple pieces of equipment, while we’ll be able to assign keybinds to switch gear sets. lastly, a new “hunts” category will be  added to the party finder.

In addition to this, in October the European servers will be migrated to actual data centers located in Europe. This will require a maintenance of 3-5 days only for the servers affected.

Below you can see all the slides detailing the update, including screenshots of the new content.