Final Fantasy XIV Players March to Their Final Battle

Final Fantasy XIV Players March to Their Final Battle

What do you do when a giant moon is falling on the world you’ve played in for two years, threatening to obliterate everything you know and love? Apparently a Final Fantasy XIV player’s answer to this question is: “We fight!”

After all, we’ve gotten quite used to fighting on Square Enix’s MMORPG, both in and out of the game, against a generally hostile and even outright mocking press and  fellow gamers looking down on us for playing a game branded a “failure”.

We battled against a clunky system that took a while to get better, and we fought side by side with Naoki Yoshida’s development team to make the dream of a worthy successor to Final Fantasy XI come true.  With the upcoming release of A Realm Reborn, we may yet get to have the last laugh.

Players have started marching towards Mor Dhona, where the last stand will be made. Nael Van Darnus has been defeated, but his VIIth Imperial Legion is still on the war path, and Dalamud is continuing its inexorable plunge towards Eorzea.


Those on the Gungnir server led the way, assembling yesterday night in Gridania by the scores and marching orderly along the narrow paths of Black Shroud, slicing with extreme prejudice through stiff opposition by Imperial marauding parties and monsters, and breaking into Mor Dhona, where they set camp at Brittlebark.

Players from other servers are reportedly following their example, and many more will reach the northern wastelands around Silvertear lake by tonight (marching, or more conveniently by teleport), ready for the final, climatic battle for Eorzea.

The bitter confrontation against the Imperial forces will take place tonight at ten (PST) on the Carteneau Flats, and is predicted to rage until midnight. After that, whether the battle will be won or lost, the world will go dark, and our heroes will sleep as they wait for The Realm Reborn (and Yoshida’s Letter from the Producer Live that will air at 2 AM PST here, hopefully bringing good news). 

While you wait for this epic struggle to unfold, you can check out a gallery with the screenshots of Gungnir’s final march. This is what a community hardened by struggle is capable of.