Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Version Coming “At All Costs”. New Interview to Naoki Yoshida Published.

Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Version Coming “At All Costs”. New Interview to Naoki Yoshida Published.

A new Q&A session with the Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida ha been published by the game’s community team, shedding light on many aspects of the future of Square Enix’ MMORPG.

Many argued that the PS3 version of the game is destined to be canceled due to the game’s rocky launch, but they seem to be wrong, as in the french version of the interview Yoshida makes a quite clear statement:

It’s not canceled. Development is underway, don’t worry! The PS3 version will be released at all costs.”

Both the english and french interviews include some very intresting details, hidden between personal questions on the working life of Yoshida and the development team. Here are a few:

-An extensive revision of the game’s maps is confirmed. Yoshida would like to create many iconic places and compliment them with lots of content.

-The ability to jump will be implemented  (much to my dismay), and will be similar in implementation to what other MMORPGs have.

-Planning and plot details are being organized for patch 1.19.

-Private player housing will be implemented together with the map redesign.

-Airships and Chocobos will be implemented with patch 1.19. More details about them will be revealed in August.

-PvP is still planned.

If you thought the guys at Team Bondi had it hard when working on LA Noire, Yoshida is no slacker himself. Final Fantasy XIV‘s cheerful producer walks into the office at 10 AM, attends development meetings until 9 PM, and leaves the premises at around 2-3 AM, after responding to an average of 230 emails.  Since taking this job he routinely soldiers on by sleeping between two and three and a half hours a day.

Talk about dedication. After all he’s always been a dedicated MMORPG player (his favorite being Dark Age of Camelot, wonderful taste there), that’s good training for going on without much sleep.