Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Version's Graphics Might Be Improved; 3.1 Patch Details and More Shared

July 10, 2015

Today Square Enix broadcasted the new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live, and Producer Naoki Yoshida provided quite a lot of information on what we can expect for the future of the game.

If you’re currently playing the PS4 version, but you’d like to get the improved graphics provided by the DirectX 11 client for PC, there are good news for you, as Yoshida-san explained that the team is currently considering adding the code related to the DirectX 11 improvements to the PS4 version gradually in the future, while keeping an eye on maintaining stability.

Yoshida-san also shared quite a lot of details about the upcoming patch 3.1, for which we still don’t have a release window:

  • Introduction of an Haurchefant minion and/or painting.
  • A system for house mates, allowing players to decorate, raise chocobos and do gardening together.
  • Introduction of a Vanu Vanu dance.
  • Ability to change Free Company names.
  • Introduction of an afro hairstyle.
  • Implementation of a bar to show group members TP.
  • Ability for retainers to use jobs, including the new ones.
  • Implementation of an actual European data center (scheduled around the time of release of 3.1).

In addition to that, we also get more information in the Alexander Savage raid. It will be possible to complete each floor once per week, with gear dropping directly from treasure chests. Everyone will also get a token that can be spent for obtaining gear. If the group includes players that already completed an area that week, the number of chests will be reduced depending on their proportion.

The difficulty will of course be increased, as the item level of the gear that we’ll earn, which will also be compatible with dyes.

More details not specifically related to patch 3.1 include:

  • The implementation of the ability to glamor gear directly from the menu of retainers is being considered.
  • More quality of live changes to retainers are being planned, including the ability to store and retrieve whole gear sets.
  • New jobs won’t probably be introduced until version 4.0 (which should be the next expansion).
  • NPCs that didn’t get a closure for their story in 3.0 will get more attention in further side quests and in the continuation of the main story quest.
  • New content using chocobos and magitek armor is being planned.
  • The team is thinking to add a side quest that will let us glamor our shield’s with Haurchefant’s design.
  • Patch 3.05 will include alternate methods to earn upgrade materials for Tomestones of Law equipment.
  • Flying mounts might get a speed boost in the future.
  • An island exploration feature is coming.
  • The ability to use mounts in Idyllshire will be implemented.
  • The difficulty of obtaining materials for Thavnairian gear will be adjusted.
  • The team will need to create a system to let people transfer their housing to Ishgard before creating an housing area there.
  • All future maps will be implemented with flight in mind.
  • The tech team is looking into the launch of Windows 10, and for the moment they found no issues. An announcement will be made as soon as full stability is confirmed.

As a funny final note, Yoshida-san aknowledged that the team probably went overboard with Moogle quests in the Churning Mist, and mentioned that players now hate lost Moogles (oh, yes. I do). He promised that the team will be careful to avoid this in the future.

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