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Naoki Yoshida Really Wants Final Fantasy XIV on PS5

Naoki Yoshida said Final Fantasy XIV could be coming to PS5, but nothing is set in stone yet at Square Enix. Especially with the pandemic.

July 16, 2020

Naoki Yoshida and Square Enix want to bring Final Fantasy XIV to PS5. Nothing is set in stone yet however. We learned that thanks to our Japanese comrades at Game Watch and Famitsu who simultaneously published interviews with YoshiP.

In one of the interviews, Naoki Yoshida was asked about bringing FFXIV to PS5. We translated his answer:

Naoki Yoshida: “I can’t say anything at this point. But we’re trying our hardest to make FFXIV and keep it going, be it new content or PR. We still want as many people as possible to play it. So we do think about bringing it to other hardware and devices. FFXIV moved from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 pretty fast too, so I hope we could act just as swiftly this time as well.

He added later on:

Naoki Yoshida: “Of course we want FFXIV to support PS5. And when the time is right, we will tell you more.”

YoshiP also mentioned FFXIV isn’t exactly brand new graphics-wise, so it should be possible and fast to make it run on PS5. However, there are multiple problems on the road as well. He most notably brought up the fact that they already have their hands full dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Another problem is how they’d need to negotiate various things but it’ll be difficult with the current situation. (He’s probably referring to how Japanese culture tends to prioritize face-to-face meetings. See what Masahiro Sakurai said.)

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Next up, guess what? In the other interview, Yoshida was also asked about PS5. Huge coincidence right? Here’s what he said. Again, translated by yours truly. He most notably answered what the FFXIV devs could or couldn’t do with PS5:

Naoki Yoshida: “For example, we often hear about the “Ray Tracing” in PS5. It’s about light reflection, but FFXIV is a pure Fantasy-themed game with few reflecting materials so it won’t change much even if we add it. In an FPS game on a limited space with a lot of reflecting materials it’ll be really effective though. If you want to make an MMORPG that uses the PS5’s specs, I think it’ll be more interesting to go with a bigger world with more environments.”

In a few weeks, on August 13 2020, it’ll be seven years since Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn launched. Personally, I never tried it out as time doesn’t permits me to, but I often hear great things about it. At the end of the day I’d rather try out FFXI though as multiple seiyuu I like are really into it, Emiri Kato, Yuu Asakawa, and Yuichi Nakamura. And again, personally, I’m not planning to buy a PS5 at launch nor anytime soon. I wouldn’t do so even if game journalism was just as profitable as some like to believe. As I’m pretty sure every Japanese niche studio I like will keep releasing on PS4 and Switch for years to come. This is still happy news for Final Fantasy XIV players who also plan to buy a PS5 though.

Naoki Yoshida is also working on AAA Action Game at Square Enix. Devil May Cry‘s Ryota Suzuki is working on it too. We translated some of his comments on the project a few weeks ago.

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