Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Release Date Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Release Date Revealed

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV is coming to PS5 with a new trailer revealing the release date of the first Open Beta.

Square Enix held on February 6 an announcement showcase for Final Fantasy XIV, revealing the brand new Endwalker expansion, but also a PS5 version, and the release date of its Open Beta. A trailer for the release of Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 was shared as well. you can find it further below.

Players whose FF XIV service account has a registered license for the PS4 version may download and play the PS5 update edition at no extra cost. The monthly subscription is still required.

While the event only included producer Naoki Yoshida and his translator, the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV was announced on the event through a surprise appearance of Yosuke Matsuda. The CEO of Square Enix. The whole reveal was packaged in a comedic skit with Yosuke Matsuda revealing the PS5 version and Naoki Yoshida acting as if he forgot to bring it up. It was pretty cringey overall if you understood Japanese. Though simultaneously if you studied the language and reach that point then you must definitely be used to that as well. Seeing Japanese TV or live events like these are always meticulously scripted.

Anyways, Yosuke Matsuda and Yoshida Naoki announced Final Fantasy XIV will be launching on PS5 with an Open Beta on April 13, 2021.

This is also when the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV will be released.

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Release Date Trailer

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Square Enix also revealed the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker extension has a very surprising feature in the work. The development team is currently working on an Data Server Travel feature. This will allow players to temporarily move to another Data Center.