Final Fantasy XIV The Rising 2018 Guide – How to Grab Some Loot While Remembering the Calamity

Final Fantasy XIV The Rising 2018 Guide – How to Grab Some Loot While Remembering the Calamity

The Rising seasonal event has started in Final Fantasy XIV, and here you can find out how to achieve its rewards while remembering the fall of Dalamud.

Square Enix opened another seasonal event in Final Fantasy XIV. This time around is The Rising, which serves to remember the fall of Dalamud.

That is the calamity that marked the closure of the server of the sub-par version 1.0, and the opening of the brand new game 2.0 “A Realm Reborn” which basically performed an unprecedented miracle in the MMORPG genre.

For many of those who were there, it holds a rather relevant significance due to the ongoing lore created by the development team, who made players feel like they were really living a titanic struggle for survival.

You can watch a full video of the event below (do keep in mind that it will spoil the cutscenes), or a step-by-step guide under it.

Today’s event starts in Ul’dah. We have to meet the lalafell reporter named Dural Tharal to accept the quest “In Adventurers We Trust.”

Now it’s time to go on a merry chase following Dural. The first NPC we need to talk to is the Flame Commander at the Immortal Flames headquarters.

Next comes the Veteran Adventurer just on the other side of the street.

At the Thaumaturge’s Guild we have to talk with the Careworn Thaumaturge.

Lastly, in front of the Gate of the Sultana, you’ll find the Humble Brass Blade.

Now it’s time to go back to where you started and talk to Dural Tharal again.

The last step of the quest leads you to the extremity of the Ruby Road Exchange, where you’ll meet our old friend, the Wandering Minstrel. All you have left to do is to enjoy the cutscene for a Revolutions orchestrion roll and a Wind-up Cirina minion.

You’ll notice that you’re still missing the Rising Tokens that you need to purchase items from the Rising Attendant, including the prized White Ravens. Those tokens are earned in a series of FATEs in Ul’Dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania.

The catch is that the Rising Recruiter you need to enter the instances isn’t always available. He comes only at certain times of day and stays for about three hours. You’ll be able to find it in the three locations below. Keep in mind that the recruiter appears at the same time in all three locations, so running around between them won’t help you. Luckily this event will be available until September 17th, so you have plenty of time to find the recruiter.

Once you’re in the instance, you’ll have to tackle several different FATEs against rather powerful enemies. The trick here is to use your best area abilities, even better if they generate high threat. This will ensure that you get a good score. A gold result grants twenty tokens, a silver ten, and a bronze only two.

It’s important to try to avoid being hit by the very powerful area attacks of the monsters. Many can easily one-shot a tank, and if you die and have to respawn, your contribution will be reset.

If you’re wondering, the FATEs are a rather faithful reprofuction of the battles that happened in the city-states in the days before the fall of Dalamud, including the menacing red moon in the sky. It’s certainly a trip down the memory lane for those who were there.

Incidentally, today Final Fantasy XIV celebrates the fifth anniversary of the release of A Realm Reborn, so it’s time to celebrate!

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Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC, and you can grab a copy on Amazon.

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