Final Fantasy XIV Sales To Resume Next Week, Yoshida Gives More Information on Servers Transfers

Final Fantasy XIV Sales To Resume Next Week, Yoshida Gives More Information on Servers Transfers

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida just posted a statement further detailing the situation of the servers of the game.

The maintenance that just ended included the implementation of eight new servers: Unicorn, Yojimbo, Asura, Belias and Zeromus for Japan and Mateus, Brynhildr and Zalera for North America and Europe. Combined with the increase of the login capacity of each server performed in a previous maintenance, this should help mitigating congestion further.

The number of simultaneous logins, stability, matching frequency and account activations will be monitored through the weekend, and if no problem is encountered the sale of the downloadable version of the game will resume in all region afterwards.

Now new servers can added more smoothly, so the congestion of the current servers will be observed together with the increasing trend of the joining of new players, and the scale of the operation (IE: the number of servers) may be expanded further in October.

Login and character creation restrictions could be implemented if any server becomes overcrowded, especially at peak times.

Since there can be login and character restrictions, Yoshida-san explains that some players may feel uneasy because they won’t know if they’ll be able to log back in if they log out, but today an automatic logout trailer was implemented, so things should become more relaxed.

He mentions that server transfers will be implemented to help those that haven’t been able or won’t be able to create a character on their preferred servers, but he also recommends tobe careful about joining a crowded servers, as login restrictions are more likely to appear there, so players should consider that when transfering.

That said, since the world transfer service will deal with precious character data, it’s currently in careful development by the development team, so its implementation will require a bit longer.

Specific details like start date and date will be disclosed in a further announcement.

So there you have it: if you were waiting to purchase the game and couldn’t because of the suspension of sales, you’ll probably be able to get your hands on it starting next week. As for server transfers, they’re coming, but they’ll be ready when they’re ready. I guess Yoshida-san took a page from Blizzard’s book there.