Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Screenshots of Update 4.3 Showing New Raid and More

Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Screenshots of Update 4.3 Showing New Raid and More

New screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV update 4.3, coming in late May, showcase the new alliance raid and handy new features.

Today Square Enix released a new batch of screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV’s update 4.3 titled “Under the Moonlight.”

We get to see the new chapter of the Return to Ivalice Final Fantasy XII-inspired series of raids, titled The Ridorana Lighthouse“. We also get a handy introduction.

“South of Rabanastre, in a remote corner of the Valnard Sea gapes a fathomless maw that, for centuries, has been slowly devouring Hydaelyn herself─Ridorana. Many claim this magnificent cataract to be the very gate to the Hell of Water, as none who have braved the trip over the edge have returned to tell their tale. On the fringe totters a wind-blasted isle home to a crumbling spire once used by the Dalmascans as a lighthouse to warn sailors of the nearby peril. It is into this lighthouse that the transformed Ba’Gamnan has fled. It is into this hell that you must follow.”

Another interesting feature is the ability to join linkshells cross-server, even if it’s limited to worlds on the same data center.

Completing the scenario is the ability to return equipment used with the glamor dresser, and the brand new guestbook for the game’s housing feature.

You can check out all the screenshots below. If you want to learn more about the update, which will be released in late May, you can read our recap of the latest Letter from the Producer Live.

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The game is currently available for PS4 and PC, and you can grab a copy on Amazon.

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