Final Fantasy XIV Server Merger Will Reduce In-Game Worlds to Ten

on February 9, 2012 10:30 AM

Final Fantasy XIV may be bidding a sad farewell to some of those distant worlds. Of the current eighteen in-game worlds, a server merger scheduled for March 27 will delete eight of them, reducing XIV‘s overworld by almost half.

Square has advised players to transfer their characters to a new world before March 19, otherwise it will be selected for them. Ouch.

The merger is “intended to improve the player experience” as the game approaches its Version 2.0 release later this year. Current worlds will all be renamed in similar fashion: New World 01, New World 02, and so on. New World 10 has been recommended by Square for German and French-speaking players.

“The new Worlds shall inherit the names of the ten most popular current Worlds. Name assignments will be announced after the transfer selection period has ended,” added Square Enix.

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