Celebrate Easter Final Fantasy XIV Style With These Adorable Spriggan Cookies

Celebrate Easter Final Fantasy XIV Style With These Adorable Spriggan Cookies

Check out this delicious and decadent recipe for chocolate-dipped chocolate cookies shaped like the Spriggans from Final Fantasy XIV.

Looking for a recipe to spruce up your Easter holiday, as well as show your love for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Well you’re in luck, as Twitter user Lemon Drop has graced us with a great recipe for some decadent chocolate-dipped chocolate Spriggan monster cookies, each one holding an “Easter egg” in their arms.

Her video details the exact process behind her cookie recipe, from the dough making to the shape creation, to why she chose making them into cookies instead of chocolate candies:

And if you need a written recipe to work out the ingredients and steps, Lemon Drop has you covered as she created a lovely blog featuring the full directions, which can be found here. The blog also showcases some gorgeous pictures of her process making the cookies, of which you can see in the gallery below:

Of course, this isn’t her first Final Fantasy XIV-themed recipe. She so far has two other recipes on her YouTube account, one for Imam Bayildi and one for Bacon Bread. Do check those videos out as well, the food looks absolutely delicious.

Her main blog is also a great place to learn more about her creative process in general, the equipment she uses to record, and cool insight into developing her recipes. According to her: “I chose to start with recipes that are currently favourited on the market board in game. Naturally, these are the current raid food, as well as quest items. My goal here was to make food that FFXIV players are currently familiar with and using regularly.”

This isn’t the first time the game itself has been featured in something food-related — in the past we did a review of some Final Fantasy XIV Karaage-kun Limit Break Flavor chicken directly from Japan, which is apparently pretty good.

Recently a new expansion has been announced for the title called Shadowbringers, as well as a new collaboration event featuring Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.