Final Fantasy XIV is Set to Become a Live-Action TV Series

Sony and Hivemind are leading the charge on a new series that is based off of the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

June 27, 2019

Near the launch of the popular MMO’s latest expansion Shadowbringers, today it was announced that Final Fantasy XIV is now planned to become a television show in the future.

Coming from Sony Pictures Television and Hivemind, Final Fantasy XIV’s forthcoming show will be live-action. As such, this will mark the first time in which the series has made this jump to live-action.

The series is said to tell its own original story but will be based off of Final Fantasy XIV and its world of Eorzea. You’ll also be able to expect many staples of the franchise like Chocobos to appear throughout the series.


Here is what Chris Parnell, Co-President of Sony Pictures Television, had to say about this announcement:

“Final Fantasy XIV and Eorzea are the perfect gateway into Final Fantasy for longtime fans and newcomers alike. This show is about embracing and embodying all of the elements that have made the mythos such an endlessly captivating phenomenon, and it’s an immense honor to be bringing all of Eorzea’s iconic characters, settings, and concepts – including fan-favorites like Cid and, of course, the chocobos – to life for a television audience.”

As of now, the location in which this show will air has yet to be determined. That said, Hivemind is also the same company that has helped create Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series, which is set to debut this fall. As such, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Final Fantasy XIV’s show end up on a streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon as well. That seems like the best place for it, in all honesty.

This Final Fantasy XIV show is just now in the early stages of development so it’ll likely be quite some time until we get our first look at it in the form of a trailer of pictures from the set. Still, if you’re a rabid fan of the ever-popular MMO, this news has to certainly be exciting for you.

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