Final Fantasy XIV Update 3.55a Dated; New Info Shared about Content and What Comes Beyond

Final Fantasy XIV Update 3.55a Dated; New Info Shared about Content and What Comes Beyond

Final Fantasy XIV Director Naoki Yoshida gives more information about the updates the game is getting in the near future.

During the latest Letter from the Producer Live stage event from Frankfurt FanFest, Final Fantasy XIV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida gave  more information about the future of the game by answering questions from the fans.

Since there are many in North America and Europe that want a butt slider and more body options, Yoshida-san will talk to the development team and see what can be done. That said, it might not be easy to implement due to texture stretching.

The team is considering how to increase the number of gardening slots for housing. It’s more difficult for gardens than for interior furniture because estate internal chambers are instanced. That’s why the team is focusing in interior furniture first, the next step is a moving feature to let free companies move their house to a new lot. After that, they’ll consider how they might improve gardening slots.

Yoshida-san will talk with the team about the possibility of implementing rhytm games in the Gold Saucer.

The team wants to keep some some hairstyles specific to some races to preserve racial identity, but others will gradually be made available to all races. Making race-specific underwear sets also available to all races would be difficult, but the team knows many want it.

Letting players repeat main story single player instanced fights would would be difficult, but not impossible. It would take a long time, so if you can’t wait, you should probably make a new character.

Content difficulty is something the team iterates on a lot. Alexander’s third leg was much easier than the third two according to a lot of feedback, however that overall level keeps the content in reach of most of the player base. Having some feedback complaining that content is too easy is something positive in the eyes of the team.

For Omega Weapon the team wants to implement something that is in reach of many different players, yet there is an idea among developers  to let those who clear the fourth leg in savage difficulty access special super-difficult content.

We also learn that the release of Krile’s outfit in the Mog Station is a possibility, on top of a  Mary Poppins-like umbrella mount.

There won’t be an official DPS parser that shows players their own data only. Yoshida-san understands why people would like to see their own DPS, but then party members would inevitably demand to hear the data as well, and that would spark infighting.

That said, something to that effect is not 100% impossible for the future: the battle system is being retooled to close the gap a bit between the best players and those that are a bit less hardcore. Once that is done, it might be possible, but before then it would just hurt the community.

There might be a system in the works that lets players do something to see if they’re improving your DPS without displaying numbers. While Yoshida-san kept the specifics vague, it’s something that he believes has never been done in MMORPGs before.

The ability to keep  your flowers in a vases without harvesting them is already in the upcoming patch list. It’s coming very soon, possibly in 4.0 or even before.

The team is working on cross-server Palace of the Dead, but there are problems, so those need to be solved first. Cross-server matching for alliance raids is closer, and the team hopes to have it ready by the release of Return to Ivalice in Stormblood.

The team also hopes to increase the number of features that can be performed cross-server. Cross-server tell is being worked on, alongside friend list, linkshells and more.

On February 28th Patch 3.55a will go live. It will include the final Anima Weapon story quest, which will “maybe” be easy.



Zhloe Aliapoh custom deliveries will also be launched. It’s a new kind of content that the team hopes to expand in Stormblood, will also be introduced.

It’s specific for crafters and gatherers, and will let you become friends with an NPC and discover their backstory. In the long run, the team would like to implement a system that will prompt themto wear the items you make.


The Proto-Ultima battle will be implemented. It’s already playable at FanFest. The reward will be accessories of item level 270. How to encounter Proto-Ultima and where the fight will happen is a secret, and won’t even be revealed in the patch notes.


The Feast will have new features, including a sudden death system that will replace draws. There will be a pre-season for Season 4 to let players get used to the new maps.


There will also be additional updates, that you can read below.


The patch is named 3.55a, because the promised Exploratory Missions implementation had a bug that could not be fixed in time. They will be implemented in a new patch probably between March 7th and March 14th. They include a new type of raid, and the team wants it to be as stress-free as possible.

Garo gear will be attainable via MGP in patch 3.6, and there will be a lot more small patches before Stormblood, granting a continuous flow of content before the release of the expansion.

The last tidbit below includes a spoiler about the story in update 3.5, so if you have not played the Hildebrand questline to its completion, you might want to stop reading here.

Yoshida-san mentioned that 2.X Hldebrand quests went a bit overboard, so the team decided to take a break from him in 3.0. Yet, so many asked for his return, that he was implemented again. You should look at the direction towards which he flies at the end of his 3.5 quest. Is it west or east?

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will release on June 20th exclusively for PC and PS4, with the PS3 version of the game getting discontinued. PS3 users are eligible to a free upgrade to the PS4 version, and you can find out how to get it here.

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Today Guinness World Records also awarded the Final Fantasy series with three world records, including two for Final Fantasy XIV.