Final Fantasy XV’s Luna Is 24 Years Old According to Her Voice Actress

Final Fantasy XV’s Luna Is 24 Years Old According to Her Voice Actress

Today quite a few information was shared about the Japanese voice actors of Final Fantasy XV and its CG Movie spin-off Kingsglaive, and they included an interesting snipped about the female protagonist Luna.

In a video released on YouTube by maidigitv, her Japanese voice for the game Rina Kitagawa (who played Nanako in the 2015 anime series My Love Story!!) reveals that Luna is two years older than she is, which means that she’s 24 years old, as discovered by Twitter user Kero.

She also mentioned that she went blank when she heard that she had been selected for the part, and that Luna has a strong will, but she is also kind.

Square Enix also released two videos showing Kingsglaive’s Japanese voice actors. Nyx will be voiced by popular film and TV actor Go Ayano, while King Regis will be voiced both in the game and in the movie by veteran Tsutomu Isobe, who lends his voice to Harrison Ford in Japan.

Luna is actually a peculiar case, because she will be voiced by a different actress in the film, movie and drama actress Shiori Kutsuna.

On top of the main characters we learn that Drautos will be voiced by Koichi Yamadera (the Japanese voice of Donald Duck and Joel from The Last of Us. Let that sink). Libertus will be voiced by Mitsuaki Kanuka, Luche will get the same voice of Yoshimitsu from Tekken and Bart from Xenogears, Seki Tomokazu. Last but not least, Ayumi Fujimura (Ibuki in Street Fighter V and Anne in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness) will lend her voice to the beautiful magician Crowe.

You can see the videos below featuring in order Kitagawa-san, Kutsuna-san and Ayano-san.