Final Fantasy XV and Episode Duscae Get an Airship Full of Jucy Info; Demo Will Have Dual Audio

Final Fantasy XV and Episode Duscae Get an Airship Full of Jucy Info; Demo Will Have Dual Audio

During a livestream from Jump Festa Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata answered quite a few questions from the fans about the game and gave a nice slew of information on his own.

Here’s a summary of what we learned:

  • The giant golem shown in today’s trailer was Titan. Originally he should have been in the Episode Duscae demo, but they decided to remove him to avoid spoilers, because he plays an important role in the story.
  • The demo will include a working summon, and it’ll be quite powerful.
  • The demo will have dual languages, with voice acting both in English and Japanese. Tabata isn’t sure if it’ll be possible to do the same with the retailer version due to the presence of the other European languages, but he’d like to release an edition with all the languages included.
  • There’s no loading screen when leaving and entering towns. The team would like everything to be seamless, but that’s still in the works and Tabata-san isn’t sure if it’ll be possible. Episode Duscae will be fully seamless.
  • In towns you can go shopping and sleep in hotels like in Final Fantasy games of old.
  • Characters will need to rest once in a while, or suffer penalties. Not sleeping also blocks your ability to level up.
  • You can keep on going three days without sleeping, and each day is 60 minutes in real time, with 40 minutes of daylight.
  • Food grants beneficial buffs. You can either cook it at campsites or buy it in shops and market stalls. Sleeping regularly helps those effects last longer.
  • You can ride trains to travel from one location to the other. You can also move freely and explore the interior of the train as it travels.
  • The new character Cindy is very important for the gameplay and supports the protagonist, even if she’s not one of the main characters. She will be included in Episode Duscae.
  • There is magic, but showing it is not a priority for now. The team is working on the core system. Magic will be introduced when everything works properly.
  • Initially only Noctis was supposed to use magic, but they’re changing that, as it wouldn’t be interesting. Everyone in the party will be able to use magic in some form.
  • The capital city of Noctis’s country is called Insomnia.
  • The “dog cam” shown in the town gameplay video isn’t actually in the game. It’s just a way to show the town without spoilers. The town itself is named Restarg.
  • You’ll hear NPCs talking and chatting with each other when walking around the town. The city will look better in the final version of the game.
  • The town showcased is not the biggest in the game, and won’t be part of Episode Duscae.

Tabata-san apologized for not saying earlier that Episode Duscae will be only included in the first print of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Plans changed after his last public appearance.

In order to apologize, he mentioned that the team will try to release something else for everyone, and while he can’t make promises for now, he’d like to release the part of teh Tokyo Game Show demo where he changed the weather and summoned Behemoth, plus more additional content. It’ll come after Episode Duscae.

[Translation integrated with the coverage by Twitter user Elliot nii-chan]