Final Fantasy XV at FGF: Director Hajime Tabata Unveils Impressive New Tech Demo and Illustrations

on November 28, 2015 12:18 PM

On November 25th, Director Hajime Tabata was present at Family Game Forum in Shanghai to hold a presentation about Final Fantasy XV. New content was unveiled for the purpose of this conference: screenshots, concept arts and even more interesting, a new technical demonstration.

This new tech demo, which you can view below, shows how the development team manages to make several elements and in-game effects look realistic: lights, color grading, procedural sky, physically-based rendering, sea waves. The amount of details and work put together to make the environment look real for the players is definitely impressive.

The new illustrations as well as Hajime Tabata’s full Family Game Forum presentation, can be seen below (pictures courtesy of Nova Crytallis, videos courtesy of Youtube users SilentProtagonistPV and kero0206).

 /  Community Manager/Staff Writer