Final Fantasy XV: Changes from Final Fantasy Versus XIII Explained; More Info on Characters Shared

Final Fantasy XV: Changes from Final Fantasy Versus XIII Explained; More Info on Characters Shared

Yesterday, the two thick Final Fantasy XVUltimania” guide books were released in Japan, and information are starting to filter online, providing more color on the game, its setting and its characters.

Thanks to Mognetcentral forum user xXShuyaXx, we learn from Director Hajime Tabata about the changes made to the story of Versus XIII, and we read that many components of the  original plot and setting remain. Just keep in mind that what can be read in this article includes relevant spoilers, so if you haven’t played the game, you may want to steer clear.

“Final Fantasy Versus XIII, along with Final Fantasy XIII were both made based on the story of the Goddess in the ”Fabula Nova Crystallis” series. However, as the title changed to Final Fantasy XV, and as the next gen hardware came into development, with this as a new numbered title in the series, development went through an overhaul. Because of this, there was a need to carefully consider and reexamine the content of the game as a whole to fix it. As a result from that, after going over and re-establishing the scenario, the heroine’s position in the story had changed and, as a result, the new heroine Luna was introduced.

However, the main plot of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was preserved and carried over into Final Fantasy XV. Speaking furthermore, common mythos of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series [the chosen ones by crystal put their life at stake to accomplish their mission], have also been carried over and imported into Final Fantasy XV as one of the essentials. In that manner, in the roots of Final Fantasy XV, many components and elements from the days of Final Fantasy Versus XIII remain.”

Tumblr user Superespresso has also been providing translations of various passages, and we learn the ages of quite a few characters. Iris is 15, Aranea is 30, Cidney is 26, and Cor is 45.

Speaking of characters, we also learn that Iris, Aranea and Cor will become playable via the final multiplayer DLC. Developers would also like to include Lunafreya, but that isn’t confirmed, and will be done if possible.

We also learn a bit more about the blond Brigadier General of the Niflheim army who makes an appearance in the game. Loqi Tummelt is in his early twenties, and due to past run-ins, he hates Cor Leonis with a passion.

Verstael Besithia is the “mad scientist who aimed to create the strongest existence by his own hand. He is in charge of the research laboratory of the Nifelheim empire. The man who succeeded in mass producing magitek soldiers based on the information provided by Ardyn. He does not hesitate, and regarded the six gods as just another research material.”

Incidentally, he is Prompto’s real father. The Argentum name comes from the fact that Prompto was adopted when he was only one year-old by the Argentum family in Lucis.

An Imperial General named Safay Roth was initially supposed to be in the game, but he was cut during development. A trace of him remains in the “SAF” lettering on Niflheim’s landing crafts.

“The character of “SAF” written on the Imperial Army ’s landing boats serve as a mark representing the general command of “Safay Roth,” who was supposed to appear at first in the game. He was cut out during development, but the letter is left “to honor the famous generals that existed”  Proceeding this, Ardyn’s position was added as villain.”

A detail that many may have missed was also shared about Luna’s notebook. Of course, since this is translated from Japanese, the exact wording is slightly different in the English localization.

Depending on your responses with Luna’s notebook, it influences the item description at the end of the game. If you answer badly entire time it will say “there’s a trace of dust” on it when you can see it as a key item. If you’re nice, it will state the book is “well worn.” If your responses are favorable then it will say “There are tears on the pages.”

Last, but not least, we learn that the game’s ending was left purposely vague, so that the player could decide on his own what really happened. It’s left entirely up to the player’s interpretation.