Final Fantasy XV Will Crossover with Final Fantasy XIV in a New Update

Final Fantasy XV Will Crossover with Final Fantasy XIV in a New Update

Final Fantasy XV will crossover with the world of Final Fantasy XIV in a free quest coming to the game via update later this year.

During Square Enix’s worldwide Final Fantasy XV broadcast, the company announced that a new Final Fantasy XIV quest will be added into XV. The crossover content will be added into the game on December 12 in North America as well as Europe, and December 13 in Japan. You can check out the trailer for the quest down below.

The new quest will be called “Adventurer from Another World.” A Miqo’te girl named Y’jhimei drops into the world of Noctis and friends. During the quest, Noctis and friends will be able to take on a boss from Final Fantasy XIV called Garuda. Upon completing the crossover content, you’ll be rewarded with the following costumes:

  • Noctis – “Glamour Prism: Miqo’te”
  • Ignis – “Glamour Prism: Elezen”
  • Gladiolus – “Glamour Prism: Roegadyn”
  • Prompto – “Glamour Prism: Hyur”

Players will have had to have made some progress in the game’s main questline to get access to the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration quest.

In other news from the broadcast, we learned that Hajime Tabata would be leaving Square Enix. As a result, three of the four upcoming DLC episodes have been canceled. Not all is lost though, Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn will conclude the story in March of 2019. Square released a new trailer for the DLC showing Ardyn in action for the first time. Finally, we learned that the standalone Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades will be launching in December.

Final Fantasy XV is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.