Final Fantasy XV Cup of Noodles TV Commercial Is Weird and Absolutely Hilarious

Final Fantasy XV Cup of Noodles TV Commercial Is Weird and Absolutely Hilarious

The fact that Final Fantasy XV features quite a few cases of product placement is no mystery, and one of those is the partnership with every Japanese’s most beloved cheap food, the Nissin cup noodles.

It was hilariously announced right in the middle of a stage event at Tokyo Game show, almost like it was some sort of spectacular feature. But let’s be honest, the Japanese love their cup noodles, and so do I. They have given me energy to write news for you many times during my sleepless nights in a Japanese hotel room.

Anyway, preamble aside, Nissin actually released a Final Fantasy XV TV commercial, and no, I am not joking. You can actually watch it below.

The first fifteen seconds won’t prepare you for what comes after. Just hold out for a bit longer, and you’ll end up laughing, or cringing, or cringe-laughing, depending on how much you tend to like the usual level of silliness of Japanese commercials.

Do press play. I dare you.

If the commercial wasn’t hilarious enough, the images and comments below actually come straight from the official press release. Again, no. I’m not making any of this up.


“The hero, armed with Cup Noodles. Most likely a terribly low defensive rating.”


“Defending Cup Noodles from the flames. Will melt in anything other than hot water.”


“Leviathan, summoned by Cup Noodles. There’s a theory that the mystery meat in Cup Noodles is made of Leviathan.”

Thanks to an accompanying press release received by DualShockers (yes, they actually sent press releases to gaming websites), we learn that “the currently airing Final Fantasy XV commercial has been reprocessed scene by scene and converted into the Cup Noodles format – transforming the majestic and atmospheric world of Final Fantasy through brute force into the Cup Noodles universe.”

It’s also mentioned that the  collaboration was made possible due to the “neighborly friendship” between Nissin and Square Enix, with offices located only a three minutes walk apart from each other.

“When Nissin Foods sent over gifts to celebrate the release of Final Fantasy XV, the conversation turned into an excited discussion about collaborating together, and so it came to be that the FFXV development team produced this mashup TV commercial.”

Considering the sleepless nights the development team spent making the game, I wouldn’t be surprised if they love (need) their cup noodles just as much as I do.

You can catch a glimpse of that in the tweet below, showcasing the delivery of boxes of cup noodles to the development team. They do look hungry. Are you actually feeding them, Square Enix?