Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch Detailed: Camera, Social Features and More; Tabata Warns about Leaks

Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch Detailed: Camera, Social Features and More; Tabata Warns about Leaks

Today Square Enix followed up on the tease made on Friday with a press release, and detailed the content of the day one patch of Final Fantasy XV, that will be released on November 29th for PS4 and Xbox One.

The day one patch is named “Crown Update” and will include the following. It’s worth mentioning that the list below is defined as “some” of the additions coming with the update, so there might be more.

  • Improvements to the camera with new options to better assist and track the action in tight space and to improve visibility during battles
  • New event scenes and scenes from KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV™ and the “Omen” trailer have also been added to the game to make the story and timeline of events easier to follow for newcomers
  • The addition of an ability tree for the “Wait Mode” function which improves the strategic element of this feature
  • Players can obtain the “Beast Whistle” which can be used to call monsters to battle
  • A wider variety of recipes and fish with an addition of a gallery for completionist players who enjoy collecting items
  • Implementation of social media support, allowing the photos Prompto takes along your journey to be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter

The announcement also includes a message from Director Hajime Tabata, where he mentions that November 29th is almost upon us, and he hope that everyone will manage to enjoy the game with a fresh start. However, the street date for the game has unfortunately been broken in some regions, and videos have started to appear on the net. While this was perhaps inevitable due to the variety of regions involved, Tabata-san still extends his apologies for the issue.

Square Enix’s goal is to let everyone enjoy the game at the same time, preserving the surprise of the discovery, which is why Tabata-san would like everyone to be careful of spoilers included in videos from the leaked copies.

In order to mitigate an influx of unauthorized videos, Square Enix will act with full force, and Tabata-san encourages those who have obtained the game earlier to be considerate of players who are looking forward to play the game and when it launches officially.

Incidentally, we also get a new count down artwork, this time around by Artist Mizushi Sugawara. Only eight days to go. In the meanwhile, If you still haven’t tried it out, you can find out how to download the latest demo here, and since it’s in Japanese, you might find our guide to the option menu useful.