Final Fantasy XV PS4/Xbox One Demo Will Be Between One and Four Hours Long: “Really a New Generation of FF”

Final Fantasy XV PS4/Xbox One Demo Will Be Between One and Four Hours Long: “Really a New Generation of FF”

During a livestream focused on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Game Director Hajime Tabata talked about how long it’ll take to play through the “Episode DuscaeFinal Fantasy XV demo, which will be available to those that will purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD via download code.

At the very minimum it’ll take one hour of gameplay. Played normally, it will require a couple hours. If you really get into it, it could take up to three to four hours.

Tabata-san mentioned that the development of the game is continuing, and while they won’t be able to release the game immediately, they decided to provide the demo as a sort of gift to those that have been waiting for it for so long.

We also learn that the demo will be available only for a limited time. While the time frame still hasn’t been determined it won’t be “too long.” It will be announced officially when it’ll be determined, alongside more information about the content. The development team is still working on improving the demo based on user feedback and the information they’re receiving from the community.

Tabata-san finally mentioned that the the development team really wants to showcase that Final Fantasy XV is really a new generation of generation Final Fantasy.

And with regards to Final Fantasy XV, we’d love everyone to look forward to that as well, and we really want to deliver and showcase that it’s really a new generation of Final Fantasy and we’ll be showcasing that along with Final Fantasy Type-0, so we hope people will look forward to that as well.

I don’t know about you, but I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on the demo. Unfortunately it seems that we’ll have to wait quite a bit longer for the full game, but patience is a virtue, or so they say.

Note: after double checking the original Japanese speech, Tabata-san mentioned that the “download” will be available for a limited time, presumably meaning that while the ability to download the demo will be removed after a while, those that did download it during the window of availability will still be able to play the demo even after the cut-off point. This wasn’t reflected in the simultaneous translation.