Final Fantasy XV Demo Options Menu Translated; Graphics Detail, Camera, Controller, Map and Much More

Final Fantasy XV Demo Options Menu Translated; Graphics Detail, Camera, Controller, Map and Much More

Final Fantasy XV‘s new demo Judgement Disk is now available, but its launch so close to the game’s release on November 29th probably prevented Square Enix from localizing it in English.

While the demo is fairly easy and intuitive to play even if you don’t understand Japanese, it comes with a very extensive options menu with a lot of different settings, and knowing what those settings actually are can definitely help you get a more pleasant and personalized experience out of the game.

That’s why we took a few screenshots of the options menu and translated it all for you, which will probably help you personalize your gameplay in the best possible way.

Incidentally, if you still haven’t downloaded the demo, you can find out where and how here.

But without further ado, let’s get into the menu, which can be found ether on the main menu (it’s in English there, so it’s easy), or in the menu that comes up by pressing Options on PS4 and the Menu button on Xbox One. Here’s what you’ll see with the related translated options.


By selecting options you’ll find the following screen. As you can see, the first three options are not available in the demo, which is only in Japanese, difficulty is locked on Easy, and the battle system is locked on real time.


Some options are marked as “on/off,” which means that their sub-menu are self explanatory with “on” and “off” in English. The third option in Japanese will be “restore to default settings.”

The HDR Menu is not available on standard Xbox One, and it’s greyed out if you’re not on a TV compatible with HDR. The Image Quality Setting option is available only on PS4 Pro.

Sound Settings


Speaker Output


Subtitles Settings


Brightness Settings


Controller Settings


Camera Control Settings


Vertical Direction


Horizontal Direction


Battle Camera Distance Settings


Navigation Map


Image Quality Settings (PS4 Pro only)


High Quality Mode displays the game with better detail, shadows and vegetation, but it’s capped at 30 FPS. Lightweight mode is the opposite, but frame rate is uncapped, and hovering around 45-50 FPS in the current build. You can check out our comparison here.