Final Fantasy XV Demo on PS4 Pro Has Quality and Frame Rate Graphics Settings; Screenshot Comparison

Final Fantasy XV Demo on PS4 Pro Has Quality and Frame Rate Graphics Settings; Screenshot Comparison

If you downloaded the the new Final Fantasy XV: Judgement Disk demo on a PS4 Pro, you may want to know that there are two visual options available, depending if you prefer visual quality or smoother frame rate.

Since the options are in Japanese, here’s how you can set your preference. First of all, select “Options” in the main menu. That’s in English, so it should be easy.

You should see the menu below. The option you need is at the very bottom.


Now the screen will look like the following screenshot. The option at the top is “High Image Quality Mode,” the option in the middle is “Lightweight Mode,” while the one at the bottom is “Reset to Default.” The game is set in Lightweight Mode by default.


The high quality mode appears to render at higher resolution, with better shadows and details, smoother hair, less aliasing and so forth, but frame rate is capped at 30 FPS. The lightweight mode uncaps the frame rate (which appears to be running at about 45-50 at the moment), but displays a lower quality image.

The option is not present either on Xbox One or on standard PS4. There is also a HDR option just above the one for the graphics, that lets you enable the feature. It’ll be grayed out if your TV does not support HDR, and on Xbox One it’ll be available only if you have the new S model.

Below you can see a screenshot comparison between the two modes, to help you decide which one you prefer to use if you have a PS4 Pro. The first image in each pair is the high quality mode, the second is the lightweight mode.

All images are saved in lossless PNG, recorded via an Elgato HD 60 capture device for the best possible fidelity. Keep in mind that they’re big files, so give them time to load. You may also want to refrain from loading them on mobile if you are on limited data, as they’ll eat it up quite fast.

High Quality Image Mode looks visibly better, but your mileage may vary on whether it’s worth sacrificing some frames per second.

If you haven’t downloaded the Final Fantasy XV: Judgement Disk demo yet, you can find out more about it, including where to downloaded it, here.