Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Resolution and Frame Rate Targets, Demo Contents and More

Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Resolution and Frame Rate Targets, Demo Contents and More

During a Reddit AMA focused on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Director Hajime Tabata gave more information on the game and on the Episode Duscae demo coming later this year.

First of all, he confirmed that the ability to jump and Noctis’ Phantom Sword will be available in the demo.

For Episode Duscae, our Japanese fans keep asking if we’re including a jump feature or if the “Phantom Sword” will be available. And I can confirm that both are in the demo!

He also mentioned that whether or not Episode Duscae will be available at the same time as the release of Type-0 HD can’t be confirmed just yet.

We are doing are best to have the demo playable with the release of Type-0 HD, but we are still working on optimizing the system and everything, so I can’t give you a date.

Tabata-san also commented on Final Fantasy XV‘s frame rate and resolution targets, explaining that it’ll be a challenge to reach 1080p and 30 FPS, considering the graphics and features including in the game.

Our target for the full version is full-HD (30 fps), but it’s difficult to realize that with the graphics and features we have in the game.
In terms of Episode Duscae…you’ll find out if Cindy is this game’s “Cid” by playing the demo!

Interestingly, Tabata-san expressed his curiosity on whether fans would like Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII to receive the HD treatment:

That’s an interesting question. There are no plans at this time, but I’m curious as to how many fans would be interested in such games.

Considering that Crisis Core was one of my favorite PSP games, I’d say “bring it on, Tabata-san.” And I’m quite sure I’m not the only one feeling like that about it.

From the AMA we then learned that Tabata-san’s favorite car is the Audi R8, even if he owns a BMW. Dragon Quest III is his favorite JRPG.

Of course he also mentioned his favorite Final Fantasy games, explaining that Final Fantasy VI gets the cake. Journey received a honorable mention.

My favorite FINAL FANTASY… Well, FF1 was the most memorable, while FF7 was the most influential to me. But overall, FF6 has to be my favorite. I looked at previous FF games for my research on developing FF15 and FF6 really stood out to me.
There are plenty of games and game creators that respect, but Journey popped into my mind right now.

Finalli, he apologized for the wait on Final Fantasy XV, promising that the team is making an effort to release it as soon as possible:

I’m sorry to keep you all waiting for the release of FF15. We’re doing our best to keep things going and release it as soon as possible. Please try out the demo and I hope you have fun playing it!