Final Fantasy XV Director Delivers Special Message Before Release: “This Team Is my Pride”

Final Fantasy XV Director Delivers Special Message Before Release: “This Team Is my Pride”

Less than two days are left before the massively anticipated release of Final Fantasy XV, and during the active time report broadcast aired this morning, Director Hajime Tabata could not be present, but left a heartfelt message for the fans.

Tabata-san mentioned how teamwork helped developers overcome difficulties and achieve results beyond expectations, also expressing his pride in his Final Fantasy XV team, which includes all the partners and even the fans themselves.

Below you can read a full translation.

There are only two more days left before launch. Coming this far, we have overcome so many things. Thanks to my steadfast colleague, I was able to work on this project witout having even one millimeter of regret.

We were able to achieve results that greatly exceed our personal capabilities, with my colleagues, with all stakeholders, with all the partners and all the fans. This is my “FF15” Team.

This team is my pride.

Let’s celebrate the release date of the game on November 29th together with all of our colleagues who have worked for this game together. Let’s celebrate November 29th with all the stakeholders, the partners, and all the fans. I’m looking forward to meet those who will come at Yodobashi Akiba at 8:16 on launch day.

For those who unfortunately cannot come, let’s meet through our game.

One last thing:

I’m saddened about the fact that I could not attend the last ATR before release. But this isn’t the last ATR, right?

Let’s definitely do one last special one after release!

Final Fantasy XV Director
Hajime Tabata

It’s certainly nice to hear that the ATR broadcasts aren’t yet at their end, as personally I enjoyed them massively. Together with Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV Active Time Reports, they marked a radical change in the way Square Enix approaches communicating with the fans, much more open and with channels of interaction open in both direction.

After over ten years of this rollearcoaster ride, it almost feels surreal that the game is coming out in less than 48 hours, but I say that Tabata-san does have plenty of reasons to be proud of his team. They turned a game that many didn’t even believe it’d ever come out into a massive experience that is now downloading on the consoles of millions of gamers.

It almost feels like the end of an era, and I can’t help but feeling a bit melancholic about the fact that soon I won’t have to write the steady stream of pre-release news anymore. That said, we’re not at the end of this road trip yet. As a matter of fact, it’s really just beginning.