Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Creating Realistic Characters and Clothing on PS4 and Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Creating Realistic Characters and Clothing on PS4 and Xbox One

Final Fantasy games have always been well known for their peculiar fashion and character design, and Final Fantasy XV appears to be no exception. Director Hajime Tabata talked with Le Fashion Post about the process of creating realistic characters and their costumes on for Final Fantasy XV on the new generation of consoles.

With The very highest end game design the character creation process requires a lot of people. Maybe more so than the original game designer who creates the original image for the character, the patter maker… Even in real fashion you have pattern makers… And those people have to get down and design the clothing and make sure it all works and fits together properly, design the texture and make them look like real clothing, get all the joining and the stitching right together. So that’s a lot of work and there are people now who are essential in designing characters and the clothing they wear during those kinds of design jobs, and simulating the physics of the clothing to make sure that it moves in the correct way, so it really is very very technical, and we have a lot of people specialized in that area.

Clothing is obviously very important, but there’s also the skin, and the make-up effects really have to be done in a very realistic way, and their hairstyles, because with the current generation of technology we really got rendering power that can produce almost real looking skin. So when you got that you have to have people with real looking hair and if they have makeup it has to look realistic so there’s people that have to simulate all of those things as well.

From my own personal point of view as the director of the game, it’s getting harder and harder to make games without employing those kind of specialists. I couldn’t do this kind of stuff on my own, so it’s getting harder and we really need to look for those guys.

It’ll be definitely interesting to see what kind of extravagant and exotic fashion Square Enix will create for Final Fantasy XV.

As a funny bonus, the definitely interesting original article on Le Fashion Post includes a picture of my very own Final Fantasy XIV character… He’s handsome like that.

If you want to see more of the game’s character tech, you can check out the recent tech demo showcased at Paris Games Week.