Final Fantasy XV Director Thinks Frame Rate Won’t Be an Issue at Launch; Details Improvements

Final Fantasy XV Director Thinks Frame Rate Won’t Be an Issue at Launch; Details Improvements

The latest information on Final Fantasy XV‘s frame rate provided by Game Director Hajime Tabata entailed both PS4 and Xbox One running the game close to 30 frames per second, and at PAX East DualShocker has a chance to ask him if he’s confident that the team will manage to optimize the game so that it’ll run at a stable 30 FPS by its release on November 29th.


“That was part of the reasons why we extended the release date. When the actual consumers will have a chance to play the game, we don’t think they’ll find that to be an issue.”

Tabata-san also talked about the improvements to the master version of the game showcased at Gamescom, included in what is playable at PAX West.

“You won’t resally see a huge difference from Gamescom, because it is only two weeks since then, so the build that we have here it has been improved slightly, but the biggest difference is that you have a bit more freedom in steering while driving. That is one of the biggest changes you’ll see in the build that you’ll play today.

That was one of the things that we intended to implement with the day one patch, and has already been implemented.”


We also inquired on the changes that we’ll see from here to release.

“Originally what was intended for the patch was all these elements that would improve the usability of the game. That also includes fixing bugs or optimizing the actual game. And also the freedom to steer your car. On that point, by allowing our players to freely steer their car it impeded on some of the progress of the game, so wanted to make sure that the game itself was perfected prior to actually implementing that aspect, and to solve any issue that might come out from that.

There are other factors similar to that, that were also considered for the day one patch.

Aside from the whole optimization element, the other big factor was the game balance. For example, in the leveling system. We are ensuring that people will be able to better navigate the information and play at ease. These improvement were also originally intended for the day one patch.”

Incidentally, Tabata-san explained that the decision to delay the game was taken just a little bit before the actual announcement, and it actually took a quite short time for him to finalize it.

Persuading Square Enix’s CEO Yosuke Matsuda was also pretty much instantaneous, and it didn’t take much convincing. The team wanted to deliver the game across the world with the same standard of quality, so looking at it from the perspective of the Final Fantasy brand, the decision made sense to Matsuda-san. He also shared the team’s point of view on wanting to bring the game to a higher quality level than what was originally planned.