Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Videos Show How to Kill the Massive Catoblepas and Earn 9,999 XP

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Videos Show How to Kill the Massive Catoblepas and Earn 9,999 XP

Yesterday Square Enix launched patch 2.0 of Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae, adding the ability to fight the massive Catoblepas that were previously unreachable in the middle of the lake.

Considering the enormously damaging attacks they have, many deemed the challenge impossible without using Ramuh, but it’s doable, as demonstrated by YouTube users P2o4tube and hackyslashy.

Hackyslashy just did it by spamming the Armiger as much as possible, focusing on the monster’s hind legs, and using quite a few potions. He managed to make it at level 47.

P2o4tube’s technique is more creative, but doable at lower levels and probably with less potions. You need to equip your Partisan as Descend weapon, giving you MP regeneration and critical with each attack performed in the air.

Then you have to target the Catoblepas’ shoulder, and warp-strike to it. Move the camera so that it’s kept focused on the shoulder (or you risk not hitting at all), and keep the square (X on Xbox One) button pressed to spam attacks while in the air and recover MP at the same time. As soon as you’re too low to strike, spam the X button to warp again before you get hit by a stomp.

If you run out of MP, run away for a short while. The Catoblepa won’t really pursue, giving you as much time to recover as you want, but stay away from its front, because it has a “scream” attack that will it you from quite far away.

If you get accidentally stomped, of course you’ll have to use a potion (your companions will get incapacitated almost immediately), so bring some.

At the end of the fight, you’ll get 9,999 XP and bragging rights.

Update: we received the suggestion (thanjs: N4G user Trenso1) that you can still use Ramuh twice during the fight and reduce the Catoblepas’ health considerably, then finish it off with normal means. You’ll still get the 9.999 XP (apparently rewards are voided only if you kill it with Ramuh), but no bragging rights for you.

If you’re unaware, in order to get the Catoblepa out of the lake and be able to fight it, you need to complete the individual quest “A Duscaen Delicacy” with Prompto.

You can check out both videos below.