Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Now Available for PS4 in Europe and Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Now Available for PS4 in Europe and Xbox One

European Final Fantasy XV fans on PS4 and those on Xbox One can now step into Prompto's boots and start shooting at everything that moves.

Square Enix just made Final Fantasy XV‘s second story DLC available for download on the European PlayStation Store and on the Xbox store.

The DLC, titled Episode Prompto, focuses on everyone’s favorite buffoon in a definitely more dramatic setting, lost in an Niflheim base where Magitek soldiers are engineered.

If you’re in Europe, you can download the PS4 version from the European PlayStation Store. If you own an Xbox One copy of Final Fantasy XV, the game is already available worldwide on the Xbox store. On the other hand, the North American edition of the PS4 version has not been released yet at the moment of this writing. It’ll probably come in the early afternoon.

The DLC costs $4.99, and you can grab it with no additional purchase if you got the season pass.

Incidentally, playing the DLC unlocks a teaser of the next one, Episode Ignis, that will be released in December.

If you want to see more before you purchase, you can also watch some footage from Episode Prompto, a trailer, and gameplay footage, on top of a batch of screenshots.

Recently, we also learned that Square Enix is preparing to make some relevant announcements at Gamescom in August. Of course we’ll keep you posted as soon as something is disclosed.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One.