20,000 Final Fantasy XV Fans Vote for “Best Boy” and “Best Girl”

20,000 Final Fantasy XV Fans Vote for “Best Boy” and “Best Girl”

Over the past couple of days, the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy XV has prompted fans to vote for the game’s “best boy” and “best girl.” Just under 20,000 votes were tallied for each category, and results are fairly interesting.

On the “boy side,” brooding and lazy hero Noctis got the expected trophy, but perhaps surprisingly (or maybe not), prompto came up second, followed by gold-hearted jock gladio. Maybe the most surprising result is the last place for Ignis. Apparently his rational approach and cooking skills clicked with voters less than Prompto’s jests and Gladiolus’ gruff manners.


Less clear cut was the victory of heroine Luna among the girls, with Aranea’s flying skills prevailing  over Cindy (Cidney)’s undeniable assets. This time it’s Iris’ turn to be left behind.

Apparently, Final Fantasy XV fans lean more towards “oneesan” then towards “imouto,” and it’s difficult not to relate here. We’re on a whole different planet.


So, what’s your best boy and best girl in Final Fantasy XV? Do you agree with the results? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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