Noctis Will Enter the World of Final Fantasy XIV in New Collaboration Event

Noctis Will Enter the World of Final Fantasy XIV in New Collaboration Event

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV will have the chance to fight alongside Noctis Lucius Caelum in an upcoming collaboration event coming to the MMORPG.

The main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, Noctis, will fight alongside the heroes in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The new collaborative event was announced during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Paris this weekend. You can check out the new trailer down below.

Throughout the trailer, there are many nods to the campaign in Final Fantasy XV. It begins with Noctis leaned up against the Regalia, the flying car that he and his companions travel in throughout Eos. From there we see a character fighting alongside Noctis against some enemies that’ll definitely be familiar to fans of XV. 

Interestingly enough, we do see the character from Final Fantasy XIV using some of Noctis’ Royal Arms (weapons), which pretty much implies you’ll be able to acquire them during this collaboration event or at least use them for a period of time. Additionally, players will also be able to acquire their own Regalia which is just really freaking awesome. It’ll be the first four-player mount coming to the MMORPG so you and your Free Company friends can travel alongside one another in style. And of course, alongside driving the Regalia, you can also use the vehicle to fly. The event will launch sometime in mid-April.

If you didn’t already know, this isn’t the only collaborative event between the two titles. Of course, Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to collaborating with other Final Fantasy titles. Kefka, the antagonist of Final Fantasy VI did make an appearance in-game not too long ago. Additionally, fans of more single-player-centric Final Fantasy titles got a collaboration event where the world of Eorzea joined the world of Final Fantasy XV right before the end of 2018.

In case you missed any Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers news from yesterday, Square Enix showed off a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming third expansion that also revealed its release date. Additionally, we got some details on the new Viera race, Gunbreaker job, and a collaborative raid between Nier: Automata and Final Fantasy XIV. 

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, Mac, and PS4. If you haven’t tried Final Fantasy XV yet it’s available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.