Final Fantasy XV Gets New Gameplay Footage of PS4 Version, Shows Driving, UI, and Much More (UPDATED)

Final Fantasy XV Gets New Gameplay Footage of PS4 Version, Shows Driving, UI, and Much More (UPDATED)

During the Active Time Report event broadcasted from PAX Prime in Seattle, Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata showcased some new gameplay footage of the upcoming JRPG.

The first video showcased driving gameplay from the PS4 version, and we learned a few interesting points:

  • The team has discussed long and hard on where to put the driving between left and right side, and ultimately they decided on the left. Between other things, that’s because the car comes from Nifelheim.
  • There’s fuel, and running out will force you to push the car to the nearest gas station, even if there might be some willing to help.
  • There are four views, joyride mode, driver view, scenic view and tail view.
  • You can jump out of the car at any time.

On top of this, a second video shows the development progress of the game, including many new elements like the ability to warp inside airships, new weapons, a shield, the new UI (which you can see in the screen captures under the video) a glimpse on Cor and more.

Lastly, a third video shows a message from Avalanche Studios CCO Christofer Sundberg, teasing upcoming news on the collaboration between the two teams.

You can see the video below, courtesy of YouTube user Phisix. The driving part starts at 4:40, and the development progress part starts at 12: 25. The message from Christofer Sundberg starts at 15:45.

Unfortunately the stream was stuttering heavily at the source, so the quality is quite bad. Yet, it’s still some lovely content. Hopefully Square Enix will release a high quality version soon, but for now, this is what we get.

Update: a direct feed version of the car driving footage has been posted by YouTube user FlamemetalionGaming. You can see it below.