New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Shows Day One Patch’s New Features and Improvements in Action and More

New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Shows Day One Patch’s New Features and Improvements in Action and More

Today Square Enix showcased new gameplay of Final Fantasy XV, presented by Global Brand Director Akio Ofuji and Development Manager Yasuaki Nasu. The footage focuses on the new features and improvements that will come with the “Crown Update” day one patch, but it also includes a rather deep look at key gameplay elements.

First of all, at the 00:18:50 mark we get to see the two attacks added for Noctis inspired by the Omen CGI trailer on the Xbox One version, Warp Drop Kick and Backward Warp Magic. At 00:23:50 we also see how the screen will tint red when the protagonist is in a pinch.

The “Monster Whistle” is also showcased on PS4 at 00:25:15, summoning a new monster to fight.  Following at 00:28:12, we get to see the ability to warp even outside of battles and to listen to the many music tracks that were initially limited to the Regalia even out in the field. At 00:30:35 we catch a glimpse on the new gallery showing Ignis’ dishes and the fish that Noctis catches during the game on Xbox One.

At 00:32:00 (shown on PS4) the new Regalia shop allows to purchase items while auto traveling, while at 00:33:50 a cutscene from the Omen trailer is showcased during during a nightmare affecting Noctis.

At 00:41:00 we get to see an “instructions manual” portion of the video, showing a sizable amount of gameplay on Xbox One, including control options and a look at the Wait Mode in action (or partial lack of thereof) and the progression system.

Moving back to the PS4 version at 00:59:20, we catch a glimpse at the beautiful city of Lestallum, with its scenic streets and  many vendors.

At 01:07:00 we get another look at the Xbox One version, showing off the magic crafting system and link attacks. Immediately after, companion commands are shown on PS4.

We then switch back to the Xbox One version at 01:14:50 for a look on Noctis’ Phantom Sword. The ability to perform continuous sprints and warps is then shown on the PS4 version at 01.19:40, topped by some more battle gameplay and link attacks.

You can check out the whole thing below, and read more in detail about the Crown Update here. Incidentally, pre-load is already available in North America, so you can get ready while you wait for release on November 29th.