Final Fantasy XV Gets More Gameplay and Info; Leviathan Battle, Weather, Day One Patch and More [UPDATED]

Final Fantasy XV Gets More Gameplay and Info; Leviathan Battle, Weather, Day One Patch and More [UPDATED]

Final Fantasy XV is only seven days away from its massively anticipated release, and Director Hajime Tabata shared a few more pieces of information during a livestream hosted by IGN that is currently being aired.

  • Below you can read a recap of what he mentioned.
  • When it rains the kind of fish you can catch in any given fishing spot changes compared to fair weather..
  • The day one “Crown Update” includes both new content and upgrades to existing content. There are new cutscenes from the Kingsglaive feature film and it’ll be possible to listen to music while walking around.
  • The Lord of the Rings movie were an inspiration. The biggest inspiration were real life experiences of the development team.
  • The team really loves the world that they created for the game, so there is a lot of potential in it for the future. The team wants to add new areas and new content after the launch to make it an even greater and bigger experience.
  • Art Director Yosuke Naora is the one who came up with the idea of giving Noctis a black outfit and Luna a white dress, bringing back the traditional Final Fantasy concept of contrast between darkness and light.
  • The team has been preserving the DNA of the series. It’s the same team that has been making Final Fantasy games for such a long time. Yet, every time the team sets out to make a new Final Fantasy, they set the goal of overcoming and exceeding the previous games in the series. That’s how they can make something new and exciting that is an evolution of what came before, but still preserving the core of the Final Fantasy series.
  • The Regalia (Noctis’ car) is pretty much your partner in the game. Tabata-san also feels that it’s really cool to have a flying car.

We also heard a few bits of info about the Leviathan battle, but those are tucked away at the bottom of the post under the video, as you could consider them spoilers.

Tabata-san also extended a final message, mentioning that Square Enix is considering legal means to stop spoilers about the game from spreading further.

“We’re finally only one week from the release of the game, and all the development staff, we have this feeling of nervousness, but we’re really excited about it, and we want to be able to celebrate the release of the game alongside all of the fans out there when it finally comes out next week.

Unfortunately there are a few things that are starting to rain on our parade, and it’s a very sad thing to say. This is mainly in Japan, really, but there are some people that may have acquired the game irregularly before the release date, and are spreading spoilers across the internet.

In Japanese we call it “netabare,” and in English you call them spoilers, and they’re really coming out. They’re spoiling the fun for a lot of people who have been looking forward to Final Fantasy XV for such a long time. it’s causing a lot of worry for people involved in the sales of the game and in the production too.

I’d really like to apologize about the fact that this kind of problems are happening. It’s just a very sad state of affairs.

We’re currently looking into whether this kind of activities of spreading spoilers across the internet does legally constitute an obstruction of our business or not, and if it’s found out that it does, then we’ll take legal measures to stop this being posted and take it down, but we apologize for all the problems caused, and all the worries, but we are taking solid steps to address this.

It’s just not fair to spoil their fun of the people who have been waiting for such a long time, so please stop that right now.”

You can also check out the recording of the livestream below, showcasing a time lapse video of Noctis and his bros traveling across the game’s world with the Regalia at the 19:50 mark, a size comparison between the Regalia and a few of the monsters we’ll have to fight at the 26:20 mark, a battle against Midardsormr at 53:40, and the battle against Leviathan at 59:30. Obviously, the last clip includes spoilers, so be warned about that.

Update: You can also check out the Midgardsormr and Leviathan videos on their own now.


Below you can read the info about the Leviathan boss battle I promised above. Again, they include possible spoilers. You have been warned.

  • The Leviathan boss battle, that will let you unlock the corresponding summon, is the climax of the middle part of the story.
  • You have to go through some really dramatic scenes to even reach Leviathan.
  • Leviathan is very angry for having been awoken, and you have to fight her in order to be able to gain her respect.
  • During the fight, Noctis has his full powers unlocked for a certain specific reason. The team calls him “super Noctis.”