Final Fantasy XV Gets English DLC Trailer, More Details on Chapter 13 Update and New Videos on… Hair

Final Fantasy XV Gets English DLC Trailer, More Details on Chapter 13 Update and New Videos on… Hair

Square Enix released the English version of the trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC, a whole Active Time Report episode with English interpretation, and some videos on... hair.

Square Enix released today the English version of the “Spring 2017 Update” trailer that was livestreamed a few days ago in Japanese only.

The trailer gives an overview of the DLC coming until June, including the Moogle Chocobo Festival that has been already released, the Booster Pack coming on February 21st and bringing along the 60 FPS patch for PS4 Pro, Episode Gladiolus coming on March 28th and a tease of Episode Prompto coming in June.

It’s notable that all dates have a “TBD” added, meaning that they’re probably not 100% set in stone.

It’s also worth mentioning that when the trailer was showcased behind closed doors at the 30th Anniversary Celebration opening ceremony in Tokyo, the Booster Pack part was different, featuring the Magitek Exosuits that have been delayed due to a redesign, since they have been judged too similar to those in the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

And that’s not all we get today, as Square Enix published an English version of the Japanese Active Time Report broadcasted a few days ago, featuring pretty much the same content, but with English interpretation, which is always a welcome feature.

Funnily, you’ll notice that the video was obviously supposed to release with the original DLC trailer featuring the Magitek Exosuits, but the video was switched out after recording, as Tabata-san talks about it like we just saw them.

As a bonus, we get confirmation that the 30 minute duration for the suits and the 24 hours recharge time is in real time, not in in-game time.

We also get more details on what the update to chapter 13 coming with Episode Gladiolus will entail. It will come with “a little more background to the story to help people see some things” and gameplay tweaks. Interestingly, some of those gameplay tweaks will tie-in with Episode Gladiolus.

Interestingly, Tabata-san also addresses a pre-release segment of Clueles Gamer by Conan O’Brien that alleged that it takes two days to beat Adamantoise in the game, and that it’s a waste of people’s life.

Tabata-san took the chance to reveal that 10% of the games’ player base has beaten the big turtle, and he hopes they didn’t think it was a waste.

We also get another look at the regalia driving off-road at the 35:15 mark, and this time around the car doesn’t get stuck on a rock.

Last, but not least, Tabata-san mentions that the team is looking for a way to allow the game’s developers to show what they’re working on directly to the fans.

There is even more, with three videos featuring the hair of Luna, Crowe and Libertus in the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV feature film.

You can check them all out below.

If you want to read more on Final Fantasy XV, Tabata-san also recently revealed that the game, which broke even from day one of its release, is currently being used as a development environment to test graphics tech. On top of that, 70% of its staff are still at work on free and paid additional content. He also explained the reasons behind the order of the upcoming DLC packages, and that the studio is considering how to support Project Scorpio, while there currently aren’t plans for a Nintendo Switch release.