Final Fantasy XV Gets Information About “Unforgettable” Dungeon Design and Funny Anecdotes

Final Fantasy XV Gets Information About “Unforgettable” Dungeon Design and Funny Anecdotes

Today the Final Fantasy XV Team posted a few updates via Twitter, and some more snippets of information on an entry on the official blog.

Let’s start with Twitter. We get to “meet” Environment Artist Hiromitsu Sasaki.

There was also a fairly hilarious moment of comedic relief on the Japanese twitter account.

The “New Map!!” wording might get you excited, and you wouldn’t be the only one falling for it. The same happened to the game’s Community Manager:

“February 19th: Wandering among the developers in search of the story for today, the wording “New Map!!” suddenly jumped to my eyes. Is it new information about the map? It actually was the chart of the seating [of the developers]. I’m disappointed!”

On the official blog we get a picture of Sasaki-san working on a dungeon and a few further tidbits of info about his role:


  • The environment team is abbreviated “ENV.”
  • At the moment the team is working on improving the visual quality, balancing light and shadows and other elements like the smoothness of the ground.
  • The team is working on making the environment beautiful but also dark and scary, so that gamers won’t forget them.
  • They’re also responsible for setting the rules in the dungeon, like walking height and the angle of slopes that can be overcome.
  • In many games battles happen on a flat surface, but Final Fantasy XV‘s engine allows combat on sloped surfaces.
  • The team debated whether pushing more aggressive rules to control the behavior of enemy characters. In the end they decided to give priority to gameplay comfort. This kind of discussion results in improved quality.